Guitar Hero: SUCKS

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First off, I think GH is great. I also play the electric and acoustic guitar.

And for those of you who say its "easy" try getting 5 stars on all songs all difficulties then get back to me on how "easy" that was.

After rereading all of the posts here, I just want to add that: yes, GH is not like playing a real guitar, but remember, playing forza isn't like driving a real car but people still like it. Halo is nothing like actually wielding dual SMGs. What i'm saying is don't hate GH because its not like the "real thing".

But hey, if you want to learn guitar, yeah, pick up a real guitar, not GH. Same goes for Forza. Stick with halo though for shooting people please.
it is like DDR though, if you play it enough, you memorize the songs(i used to play) but hey it is at least entertaining. and isnt that what they(the game makers) strove for
it isn't even supposed to be like the real thing... it is just supposed to be fun, rock band will be way better though.
one time at best buy i saw a guy that was rocking out like it was a kiss concert, it was hilarioius! he got on his knees and rolled on the floor, it was hilarious
SPARTAN-053 said:
Endless_Winter said:
Anyone think Guitar Hero, is EXTREMELY Over rated? and I mean...its not that cool. Wow...a game where you hit some notes. That makes you "hard-core" doesn't it??

That last part is directed towards the kids at my school, who go:
"Yo dude, I got sum MAD Guitar skillz!!!!!11ONE!!"

Yeah, shut up. They also think they can play real guitar, and they CAN'T. I liked Guitar Hero before it became just another attraction at Wal-mart...

I love you. :heart:

Uh..j-Just doin my duty...
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GH is a good game. Overrated? Most likely. Realistic? Not at all. But it's a good game, and the key word there is GAME. If people think they've got mad skillz with it, let them think, the fabric of society is based on the illusions we create for ourselves anyway. If they think they can play a real guitar, hand one to them.

There's no reason to get pissed and fly off the deep end just because the world is full of dumbasses who confuse reality and fiction. That's like blaming violence on videogames. It's not the games fault at all, it never is, it's the fault of the gamer and their mental instabilities.

But anyway, call Guitar Hero whatever you want, I honestly don't care. It's a game I'll continue to play, until Halo 3 comes out. I mean, it's pretty satisfying when you Gold 5-Star a song without realizing it, one that you've been trying to get forever. And as for hearing about nothing but GH 3 at your gamestop, remember, that's just the one in your area. Three days ago I was at my local gamestop and it was packed with Madden fans, now THERE'S something to complain about. They were just standing there, those kind of folks are generally video game fans, they're Madden fans.

And I couldn't care less about Rock Band, I'm a GH player and I see no reason to care one way or the other about another rock group based game in competition for the spotlight. I am not paying $200 bucks for an entire set that I have absolutely no room for in my small home, especially when I can't even get on Xbox live.
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