GuitarMaster's Helmets!

Gah, haven't updated this thread in a while, so here ya go!

An ODST helm! I'm making this as a second go so I can have a better one for my suit. I'm going into it with much more experience, so I hope it'll be much better than the first one. Hopefully I'll be able to mold this baby eventually so I can gift some casts to my Halo-loving friends, and maybe sell a few. It's a little bigger than my last one, because if it's gonna be for other people to wear, I might as well make it bigger because most people have trouble putting it on.


Next up, I'm gonna do an Iron Man helmet, because I'm a marvel fan, it'd be cool to wear to the next movie this summer, and my girlfriend loves Iron Man, so I'm gonna hopefully make a cast for her.

I'm still around, just waiting patiently for nice weather.


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Glad to see you're back. The pep work on the new ODST Helmet looks nice and clean. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Watsup guys? Got something for you!

IRON MAN! I've always wanted to do an Iron Man helmet, and I've recently gotten some motivation. My girlfriend is a huge Iron Man fan, as well as plenty of my friends that I kinda feel like I owe a free present. Not to mention, Iron Man 3 is right around the corner!

I have big plans for this baby! On my first and only helmet, it's just the fibreglass and bondo deadweight that it is. Only one layer of fibreglass, and instead of resin, I decided to go with Smoothcast 321. Though not toxic, it's super expensive, and apparently doesn't have a very long shelf life. So my plan for this is to actually use resin, and absolutely stuff it with fibreglass to make it super strong! Main problem with that is definitely the weight, but the stability is more important and here's why: I'm molding this baby when I'm done with it. Mainly because I'm giving the same helmet to a lot of people, so I'm gonna have to give them their own, obviously. I've got everything planned out, and I'm pretty darn excited!

If you're familiar with this file (shark's Mark IV) you'll know that it comes in three parts: main head, chin, and faceplate. I can't fit the helmet over my head as it is, but when it's in three parts, I'll have it magnetized so it can easily fit together. For me and hopefully my girlfriend's helmet, I'm gonna motorize the faceplate and chin so it's extra awesome. Pretty ambitious, I know. But I now have a thing to actually focus on. I'll get the ball rolling once the weather gets warmer, and I'll get some resin, fibreglass, and a respirator. This'll be fun!



I can't wait, guys! I'll keep you posted!
I'm not dead yet! Stupid Maryland and her cold weather, I got a pretty decent day today to go outside and resin, but I did need to use a makeshift hot box to dry it. For my first time ever using resin, I think it turned out pretty well!


Next is rondo, which shouldn't be top hard to do even though I've never done it before. I'll do some solid costs of that once some fair weather comes my way. After a good amount of rondo, next goes in a few layers of fibreglass (mat and cloth) and then it shall be done hardening! As you can tell, I want this to be super sturdy for moulding. It'll be fun! Just need some fair weather...

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Glad to hear man!! And yea marylands weather is not helpin I hvmt been able to pep in a while either. And unfortunantly I have no boxes big enough for my stuff. It sucks!!
Glad to hear man!! And yea marylands weather is not helpin I hvmt been able to pep in a while either. And unfortunantly I have no boxes big enough for my stuff. It sucks!!
If you need a cheap box thats big enough to put anything in, go to your local furniture store(or somewhere that sales refridgerators) amd ask them for a fridge box.
Well what I did for my makeshift "hot box" was just put a small table over top of my helmet, drape old sheets over three sides of the table and set a heater at the open side. Worked perfectly!