H2 Beam Rifle

Okay, I'm in the process of unwrapping a .obj model of Halo 2's beam rifle, and I'm also considering assembling it. Anybody have good tips for weapons, pictures of the H2 rifle, or comments? When im done making the pep file, i'll either upload it here, or PM it to anyone who asks.


NOTE: does anybody know what the scale of it in pep would be? I know that the official length is 160.4 cm, but how tall is it?


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I know that the official length is 160.4 cm, but how tall is it?
When you import the obj pepakura will ask you to align it, all you do is set it so its barrel is pointing upwards, when you set it to unfold it at 160.4cm (height), it will adjust the other dimensions for you.
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  1. Make it as simple as possible, while still keeping the major details. It's to hard to build a high detail pep weapon because it is inclosed.
  2. NO OPEN EDGES. Open edges are my biggest "pep peeve".
  3. Try to make it symmetrical, except on details that are only on one side.
  4. Use a good 3D program, aka not Sketchup.
  5. Don't release it until you think that it is as perfect as you're going to get it
  6. Ask for advise. Put up a poll and ask whether or not you should do something
These are the general guidelines that I use. Do add some detail, but not every little tiny detail.
well, i found out that the H2 beam rifle is shorter than the H3. im thinking that maybe a length of 3 feet would work. unfortunatly, the models im using (straight from Halo 2) have open edges that pep wont get rid of. perhaps you could help me with the model?