First Ever Build - Another Mark V(B) (In Progress)

Wow, sucks about the malfunction
What you have done so far looks AMAZING though
Good luck getting stuff sorted out
Experienced a big sad today...

I started printing the first piece of my chest armor today and everything was running smooth and it was looking clean. After about 30 minutes I was met with the sound of my printer screaming about a thermal runaway, so I ran over and shut everything down.

After investigating for a while I made a terrible discovery...

Somehow one of the cables leading to my hotbed looks to either have severed itself or shorted and burnt itself off.
Very disappointing, and I've already reached out to support to see where I go from here.

The build will be put on hold for a while :(
Dang, that sucks. If it helps you feel better, I had something similar happen to me day before yesterday. I was able to print the whole chest, but as soon as I started printing the back, my printer "gave up." I decided I would just upgrade my printer with a MicroSwiss set since I was going to have to replace parts anyways.

I hope you get your printer figured out (if you haven't already)!
Hey everyone! I'm excited to finally have enough going on to warrant making my first post!

Just for fun at the end of last year, I started up the ol' nerf MA40 repaint project (in the MA37 Reach style) and was originally only going to put it on a shelf or hang it on a wall in the game room. Well, I ended up getting 90% of the way through with it before I got busy and sidelined it. About a month ago I got a burst of creativity and finished it, and was pretty happy with the result.

(Before, obviously)

(And after, duh)

The only thing that bugged me was the oversized magazine sticking out, and I was a little too nervous to try and chop apart the only magazine I have for this thing. This drove me to jump into the all-consuming void that is the world of 3d printing and got my own. After a couple of weeks of calibrating and learning everything, I printed this flush-fitting bad boy that still needs to get sanded and painted.

After this was the point that I decided to take this from wall decoration to cosplay prop.

I was initially going to go the ODST path but ended up deciding to go for the Reach Mark V(B) that we're all here for. I chose to go with the files from SkookumProps (thank you for the quality helmet, good sir). From here I bought Armorsmith and tossed the helmet in with MoeSizzlac's (another thank you for another awesome dude) Reach armor files just to make sure the proportions on everything weren't going to be too goofy.

These aren't the armor files that I plan on printing, it was just here for now for reference and scale.
If anything on there doesn't look quite right though, please let me know :)

After eyeballing it in Armorsmith and then going through two sets of test scaling rings, I decided to go for it.

Over a week later of my new baby printer running day in and day out, we finally have it. (the Firewarriors in the back say hello)
All 8 pieces were finally printed, glued, and bonded.
Once the weather warms up a bit more I'll start sanding, bondo-ing, sanding, priming, more sanding, and maybe, just maybe... painting.

I'm also printing out the UA and Brim attachments (and maybe the HUL, haven't decided yet) and my goal is to get it looking something like the old Noble Six from the Deliver Hope live-action trailer

This was a huge learning experience for me and my new printing abilities and I'm pretty anxious about everything that lies ahead, but it feels really nice to have this thing all put together now.

Huge shoutout to DeltaAlphaZulu for his awesome youtube guide that he uploaded just in time to help me to slap everything together. And a big thanks to everyone in the discord for answering all my questions and making me feel welcome.

I hope to keep everyone updated soon and hope that you will all hold me to seeing this through to the end :)
Looking good! I still can't get over how great those Nerf guns look after they've been repainted...

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