Soft Parts H4 MkVI Undersuit Base?


It looks brought
But if you skillfull enough with a air brush you could probably paint the design onto fabric (you would have to use fabric specific paint) punished props did something similar for their alsoltron under suite
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It was just an example and reference. It's an insanely expensive lycra suit from SnakePitStudios. Over 400$.

Voren Marr

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I've gone with motocross tip which has a really neat spine at the back. The front armour, elbow and forearm armour I removed leaving some top shoulder armour.

Heat retention is no issue as the material is breathable. I have lots of additional armour which may push my core temp up though lol.

None of which compare to my 100% coverage in may mandalorian costume where both the weight of my armour and the coverage requires internal cooling fans.


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Wait, where did you get that undersuit from, bought it?
Gunhead for the pattern, and then sent it to one of their recommended companies to finish it. I'll probably be added foam/latex to bring out some of the details, but it looks good to me so far!

Sgt Whupass

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this was an awesome idea. ordered it from amazon pants came, no worries. shirt out of stock and they're not getting any new in stock soon. sooooo. yeah