Hackjale's Athlon Build Thread (WIP)

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by Hackjale, Jun 23, 2017.

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    Hey all!

    Realised there isnt any full standard Halo 5 Athlon builds out there, so I'm gonna put a change to that! I understand not many people like Halo 5's suits but I'm in love with this...


    Building the whole thing out of Polyprops CF65 and cutting with my university laser cutters.

    Unsure how I'm going to make the helmet yet - whether it's foam, 3d printing or traditional cardstock.

    Scaled to fit via Armoursmith Designer and a 3D Model of me via a local photometry service in my city.

    Most of the files can be found via the 405th, but I'm also using Spacemeat's shins and thighs to finish it off - he supplied me with a chest piece too - but i'm still conflicted on which to use right now.


    This isn't the first pepakura build i've made - i've dabbled around in DC parts and trying to freehand pieces but this shall be the first full costume! For the undersuit I shall be editing a subdye file I bought from 4neodesigns and hopefully making an upholstry foam musclesuit for underneath that. Luckily the UK never gets too warm...

    I'm also going to use mawrTRON's space diaper/spine .pdfs to finish it off.

    Not sure on the colour scheme yet but there's a longways to go before that!

    For updates as it happens follow me on my instagram of the same name
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    PART ONE: Shin/Boot.

    Yesterday we calibrated the laser cutter to work with foam, after a few struggling attempts...

    tried to cut out finger files first.


    Not only was the laser cutter too strong, but it was cutting straight through valley lines. I also realised my mistake of laser cutting finger files with 5mm foam instead of craft foam. We quickly abandoned fingers for now.

    I didn't want to leave empty handed though, so we cut out one shin/boot file after finally calibrating it in such a way where it cuts around 97% of the way through, giving me the ability to pick up the whole sheet while not dropping anything! Super helpful for packing and organising pieces to be used at a later date.

    Today I woke up and started working on the shin.

    I scaled the shin wrong.

    I wore my tightest fitting jeans for the 3d model of me we made, but there's a bunch of folds and creases that make my leg a lot thicker than it actually is, leading me to scale it wrong. Hopefully I fixed it now (it's "fixed" in the above picture - there's clipping but i'm hoping that's just the jeans and not my leg)

    I'm not particularly mad even though i'm out of 5mm now. Just glad I now know the Laser Cutter works with my foam!

    I can't show any pictures of the shin to my leg because my phone cameras bad and I didnt finish building the back to the front as I don't want to waste any more contact cement than I have to.

    Please ignore the messy table I have no excuses
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    I think your album is set to private. Your photos are not coming up and we don't have permission to view
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    Fixed! Forums and I never seem to get along
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    Bit of an update (Not much, as this has been on the backburner over the summer as I transfer computers/accumulate materials.)

    Files have been transferred to .DXF, modified slightly, and put on 600x900mm sheets for my laser cutter. I'll post them if there's any demand, but as they're .dxf's and not pep files they'll probably not go in the library anyway.

    Things are slowly being built, too, as I wait for contact cement - Mine dried up, i've been using condiment bottles, I've just switched to a glue pot.

    A couple questions:

    I saw someone attach pieces of thin foam to a morphsuit a couple days ago for their halo-style undersuit - I'm thinking of doing this instead of a subdye print to keep the costs down and to get layer definition. What glue would you recommend for sticking foam to a stretch fabric like a morphsuit?

    Also, The Athlon visor is so complicated. Could anyone get me in contact with someone doing vacuum form pulls of it? I'm not sure how to do that process myself.

    Things should be getting built within the coming weeks. I'm very excited!

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