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Today, I waited 6 hours in line for Halo 3. The store clerk saw my helmet and gave me a GameCrazy T-Shirt. There was a Halo 3 tournament: Winner gets Halo 3 Legendary edition. But after 6 hours of waiting as the 5th person in line, it was damn well worth it. But now that Halo 3 is out... What do we do now? >.> We have nothing else anticipated except Halo Wars, but I'm not interested in that game. Some kid was kicked from the line for spoiling it was funny as hell. But yes, Halo 3 was retrieved.
Well, if they can manage to get the ball rolling with the movies, that'll be worth looking forward to.

I think Neill Blomkamp has more than proven his ability to direct a movie of this magnitude without going too CGI crazy.
I got $20 in GameStop gift cards for wearing my suit...


My gamestop didnt give me anything :p But I still got alot to work for on these projects. Halloween, various *cons.
I didn't pick up my armor in my suit but they recognized me anyway.. I prepaid it all, and it was worth every cent.

So waht to do now?... PLAY HALO 3!!!!!!
Damn straight! I waited two hours in line last night to pick it up after the doors opened up at 12:01 AM at one of the EB Games here. Most of the people I saw picking thiers up got either the CE or LE. I'm very pleased I went all out and got the Legendary set. That MC helmet is pretty kick@$$, heh heh.

Although, from doing a direct size comparison between my in-progress Pepakura helmet and the one that came with the game, my Pepakura one is a little larger by an inch or two all around. Which is fine with me, as it'll fit my head nicely. To try and mod my Legendary helmet so I could wear it would make for a rather tight fit.

Not like I actually planned on ruining such a kewl collector's piece, lol.

Yay HALO 3! FTW! Let's finish this fight... :D
I didn't get anything for my armour. Just a lot of attention, kids wanting pictures.. pictures... more pictures. I had to the bathroom so I only caught the last 5 minutes of the licenced Master chief but he was a bit of a dick attitude wise. (the actor likely didn't give a **** about halo) I didn't even pick the game up as me and my girlfriend had work early in the morning.
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