Halloween 2020 Costumes


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Finished with the body armour and shoulders.

The boy did a test fit... This kid is a toothpick. He needs some serious meat on him. Lol.


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Well, when he gets his first growth spurt he'll fill out nicely........oh wait, we're still waiting for your 1st growth spurt.........:p:p


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Alright alright alright. Been a while since I last updated this thread. The night wing armour is done. Just need to seal, prime and paint. Not shown here is the shin guards.
20201012_155401.jpg 20201012_155244.jpg 20201012_155236.jpg 20201012_155153.jpg
For the Robin costume, I have the bracers done and did a test cape. This will be my first foray into sewing so a practice run on the measurements is needed. The material I'll be using is a black pleather with a yellowe
20201015_173158.jpg 20201015_172351.jpg 20201015_172721.jpg
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