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Well, my halloween went pretty good. People kept following me though saying "OMG its Master Chief!! Dude how'd you make the armor!!", and some other people said "Whoa! the Halo Guy!!" and ya got lots of candy. The one annoying part though was that people kept wanting to take pictures with me in my armor. Anyway, so how was your halloween?
Same for me :)
However, I wasn't going for candy; I was just with friends.
Several people did pull their car over to get pictures :) it was nice lol
My energy sword did draw a lot of attention! :D

If you get easily annoyed at being stopped for photos; dont wear MC Armor to a Con! lol
My husband decided to just go out wearing the hand plates forearms and Helmet, and my was i suprised at the comments on just wearing those few part got him!!! THAT was AWESOME everybody thought id just made out of metal, LOL at the costume party that we arrived late to was nice everyone thought we should of won creatine costume but got there late grrrrrrrr!! Then when TOT with our kids HAHA some people siad "are you that startrek dude:lol: , "hey its darth maul" I was like Uh, okay :lol: !! Other than that it was a good test run for the few completed parts the he decided to wear!! FULL MC armor is on the way.
Theres already a thread for this, But I went out to pass candy for small kids, only wore mt chest, crotch, helmet, got a crowd of kids, some girl came up tried wrapping her arms around me, pushed her aside, said "free candy", tossed it at her and said goodbye, then 3 boys came up and started acting like 5 year olds and screaming "OMG MASTERCHIEEEEFFF, guys come quick" and kept talking about my suit, thats about it, everyone else just said "it's the guy from halo 3"
The neighborhood kids were ravenous to see my suit... it seemed like they wanted that more than candy when they came to my door..

Seriously.... they were like chanting 'Master Chief" outside my house last night...
no way, same here, at one poitn I had like 20 kids at my door, plus parents, teens, and 20-30 year old adults who have played halo....it was like "GET OFF MY LAWN" but I made an acception...just cause they were all viewing my armor more than wanting candy.

I made a few kids cry though, this little girl came up and started crying, I picked her up and said "it's ok ok, masterchief's got free candy for you" and she wouldnt stop, so I handed her to her dad and he laughed saying "masterchief aint gonna hurt you, he's giving freeee candy!" I took off my helmet and she freaked out "HE TOOK OFF HIS HEAD!!"

Nothing I did helped.....
On halloween, we stayed home... I think the weekend parties really pooped us out.. I just worked on my AR and added more LEDS.. No kids came to the neighborhood so I didn't bother dressing up haha.. Well, time to do some repairs and store my armor for the season :cry:
people kept calling me a ninja or a stormtrooper :mad:
and a few encounters with sprinklers and my armor was wrecked. :mad:
haha yeah i think about 12 cars stopped and took pictures of me, the first time i thought i was going to get mugged or something by these gangsters, but they just wanted to know how i made it, then later that night someone dressed as Link from The Legend Of Zelda came along and we exchanged costume how-to's. was a great night, now I'm just waiting for the pics to get developed. :whistle:
I went out as a jedi with a friend with one of my custom made sabers from TCSS :)

It was fun, and alot of people loved my friend and I's costume. They all wanted to hold my lightsaber. there were some hot girls out too :p
I went to work and they made me take care of a few people as you can see here. Actually worked loved my armor and they said it boosted moral. i did have my bicep pieces off in these pics due to they were not staying in place right but oh well


fiberglassing ur armor makes it water proof? wow, im dumb, no wonder my armor got all soggy from the rainy day.
anyways, its pretty much all the same here cuz mc is widely known as one of the famous heroes of games so ur going to expect people saying things like, "DUDE! its the halo guy!" or "How long did it take you to make that??!" and it is annoying but hey, its your fifteen minutes of fame and you should be happy that all that hard work finally paid off, like mine did at my high school. lol.
No duh it does, lol

Plastic covering paper would make the paper waterproof.

Btw dreads, I like your armor, very nice, It fits you very well it looks like. Mine is a bit big even though it is scaled for my height, I guess the chief isnt a skinny man/
I didnt go for the candy either. I live in a town with about 10k people in it. Small little german town. So I walked mainstreet for a few block to get to Market Platz (aka the town park). Thats where they were having games and stuff for kids and candy and whatnot. I must gotten into 50+ cameras and phones. I had mobs of kids following me. I loved taking pictures with people. But yeah, I accedintaly made a little girl cry. She just didnt like the suit =/
I should see if theres any kids activites or charities where costumed guys go to, masterchief for fighting cancer/hunger/ lukemia/ and such would be awsome.
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