Halloween plans

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King Ramna

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So how do you like to spend your Halloween, with your USNC issued armor of course? What are your experiences? Maybe you can give me some suggestions.

So far, I just plan on just going to some night clubs with friends. Sometimes they have costume contests too! I made the lighting in my suit to be sound reactive so everyone should get a kick out of that. But I don't know what to do during the day. I am also debating whether to take my DMR with me, wherever I plan on going. I worked so hard on it & I want to show it off, but at the same time, I don't want to alarm anyone.
Where ever you go wearing a spartan suit, everybody is going to be impressed, throw in the sound activated lighting well thats a plus, as for the DMR, you may alarm some people especially if it looks real, you may want to give it a orange tip or something to let people like law enforcement know its a prop
I plan on hitting up some bars/clubs on DC. There's a Halloween bar crawl that night called "Nightmare on M street" which I might attend. I think one of the bars on the crawl has a costume contest with a $1000 first prize, which sounds very interesting. Other than that, I think I might just wear my suit all weekend and go out to random places wearing it. Then on Monday night, wear it again for when the little trick-or-treaters come; they should get a kick out of the suit.
I plan to hit up as many contests as I can. There is a huge prize contest on the Thursday before Halloween (not really sure why a Thursday), and then any other places that have something that weekend.
Last year I went to a contest that I thought I heard "$1000 prize". Bi
But it was "$1000 on prizes" so I got a little "flip hd" camera and $75 in bar cash which I still have today..... >=(. When the bar accrues the street from me had $500 in cash I could have won lol!!!! Lame sauce. I have a wedding reception in Seattle on that Saturday I have to go to but I'm flying everybody up there and I should be back in time to go out and rock the town. Either my brother or my friend are going to rock my old master chief mk 5 suit with me depending on who fits it better!! Should be fun!! Just go out and go crazy!! Dependin on your age, just have a few beverages and go hang out in a public place and get some high 5s!! I got like 200 pics taken with me last ear! Just flow with it :)
Just gonna wear my ODST armor for the tric-or-treaters. Not enough money to go around town. CURSE this poor economy!
So far I've been to 3 different bars and won 3 first place custom contest. I'ts been a great Halloween weekend for me so far.


and even went up against some really cool store bought customs.

Now I just have to see if I'm up to hitting the streets to show off my build tonight.
Here's a not so subtle hint for my halloween costume:


:D Who wants a staring contest?

Lol, I just noticed that by including this picture I have doomed you all :O
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