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So you can also get a halo 3 beta when you get crackdown, if you get one of the limited ed. copies (ie the copies at launch or reserved copies)

Gamestop is even advertising this on the website....

I'm sure you all know this by now but I thought I would post for those who don't

So is the H3 Demo edition of Crackdown guaranteed if you pre-reserve?

Do you know anything about the quantities being shipped to each store?

I noticed that Bungie never really made any promises about this, but you have the inside scoop. The EB I reserved at really didn't make any promises either...tends to leave me worried about getting in to the Beta.

all reserves are guarenteed to have h3 beta as long as they are picked up within the 48hr holding time, after that no guarentees.

sent out a corner past-on for the crack down endcap we have guarenteeing* all reserves a halo 3 beta.

*not a good speller
even if it really really sucks you know like 50 cent bulletproof, or something. After 4 hours of suckage I trade in :wowie:
*off topic* like legacy kain defiance pure suckage i hated it. crackdown will be sweet! cuz its like GTA except you're a vigilante and not a gangster or at least thats what i have heard
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