Halo 3 Campaign Publicly Unveiled TONIGHT.

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WOW you guys are in for a real treat.. I'll have a full update in the AM... We got to see the whole Bungie Gang.. Frankie was the MC of the night and showed a segmet of co-op, forge, and multiplayer video capture.. OMG Amazing.. :eek We previewed the elephant, brute chopper, the hammer, fuel rod cannon... More stuff, I'm tired!! WEEE Going to play some Bioshock and have the wife do a full report, she is good at that stuff!!! :hyper:
man i think that it is crap that they wouldent let people bring there cameras in there cause is not like it would hurt any thing by letting the public see what goodies they have been keeping in store for us

preskewl received a special masterchief sticker from one of the photographers. Our line was moving and as the photographer passed by, he saw preskewl's Halo3Beta Tester t-shirt and said, "Oh, heyyy, Bungie!! Great!! Here ya go!!" and handed preskewl the sticker and took a couple of shots of us and our new friends before we entered the theater.

Long line. Blue skies. Arrived at 7:30 p.m. Doors opened at 10:00 p.m. So that’s about 2 and ½ hours of standing and chit chatting with our new friends. One from Texas, and the other, right here in Seattle. This was held at the Pacific Science Center, a spit away from the common landmark of Seattle, the Space Needle. We were the last tens to be in the line. We got in, got a two-dollar ticket that they gave us. Entered the theater, and then there was another long line. The smell of popcorn and B.O. were mixing through the thick chatter of the excited gamers and Halo enthusiasts. Young and old, kids of kids, and Grandparents, too. Frankie said there were people waiting since 10 a.m. this morning. I saw some peeps with camping gear on their backs and back packs, too. Most of the Bungie crew were there such as: Luke, Frankie, and Lars—the ones familiar to preskewl.

Finally, we entered the theater and got started as soon as we sat down. The crowd was very friendly and enjoyable. It’s like one big family all cheering and clapping like it was some kind of Football game or Baseball game. To the outsiders, we most probably looked like a bunch of geeks cheering’ on cartoon characters, but in reality, we’re cheering on our world outside the real world; Halo. There was a bonding within the crowd. Some people were saying, “AWWW” when someone died, and the others would clap when a player blew up a huge mongoose. Frankie was showing a film that he recorded before, in slow-mo of masterchief riding on top of the map in a mongoose and as he showed the film, he goes, “Well, we always aim for the stupider person because you know there’s always that one stupid person who’s in a vehicle when you know that the other person has a rocket launcher.” Then, BOOM, he pauses the screen and you can see everything freeze but you can hear the sounds of the mongoose like it’s still moving and the rocket still swooshing, and then he plays it again and you see masterchief blow up in the air, flailing arms and everything and the crowd going wild. When you freeze the screen, you can capture the picture; turn it into a .jpeg file and save it on your desktop so you can use it as a wallpaper. Also, when it’s frozen, you can move the angle in any direction, kinda’ like the Matrix but on pause.

The list I can remember

Multi-player Vide Capture

Gravity hammer
Brute Chopper
Fuel Rod Cannon

First Segment: Co-op

Luke and Frankie were demonstrating on this big ass screen as co-op in Level 3, which looked like it was on hard level because there were so many tiny monsters, the ones you see on Halo2 that squeal and the typical monsters, but there’s this huge one that looks like the incredible hulk, black, roars and can pull you out of your vehicle. He also has a bright blue shield bubble to protect him. So not only do we have bubble shields, so do the monsters. In one area of the map or check point, there’s a wall, clear blue and it’s a huge shield that you can walk through. It’s kinda’ like the blue entrance way underneath Snowbound in Halo3 but a whole lot bigger. You can walk through, shoot ‘em, and then walk out again to protect yourself. They showed the view, mostly the weapons. The same ones we see on Halo2. The flies are bigger, and shoot green plasma that kills half of your shield. There are a lot of shrubs, ditches, water streams, high desert mountains, and domes. There’s a garage to park vehicles just like the one from the new map of Halo2, the island surrounded by beach water with one ghost. I forgot the map’s name, but it’s the garage where the warthog is parked. So there’s a few of those.

Second Segment: Forge

This is the coolest thing. It’s like playing SIMS because you can grab anything on the map. You can’t mess with the structure or architecture of the map itself, but you can move anything from weapons, to explosive cylinders (the ones that blow up when you shoot it) and even where to spawn at. So you make a custom game, change the way you want the weapons to be placed, like you can move the turret and put it in the middle of the map (Highground sample) and then put a huge ass Scorpion tank right in the middle as well. You grab it by pressing a button (forgot what color) and the move it like the SIMS game. You can also change into a small bot-ball. So imagine shooting at your opponent and all of a sudden he changes into this floating ball. It looks like a metallic eyeball and you can float around away from your enemies. So, imagine having fun with those, putting different vehicles (objects) all over the place and have a spawn area right in the middle of the line of fire or something.

Third Segment: Multi-Player Video Capture

…was TIGHT as hell. :rock: There are 3 things from what I’ve learned you can do. Apart, from recording your game you can: 1) Like I've mentioned earlier, you can pause the screen and save it as a background if you want. 2) Pause and then look at different angles of the image like someone flying in the air and the explosion pushing him upward and 3) Slow-mo it so you can see the foreshadowing of what is going to happen next. As Frankie said, “Okay, I’m going to show you this part in slow motion. You know that there is always this one stupid guy who gets in a vehicle, and then goes in the most obvious places to get blown up, right.” He shows the 2 people in the warthog, happily driving around on top of sand dunes, and then he floats the image back to Luke’s masterchief and says, “You can see that he has a rocket launcher here… I wonder what’s going to happen next.” And then he plays it again or in slow-mo so you can see what’s going to happen. Oh, you can also fast forward it, too—just like DVD player, if you will. Apart from moving different angles in pause moment, you can also float around the video. So let’s say you’re watching a movie, you can move with your controller wherever you wanna’ go on the map so you can see everything in every angle. You can go across to the red base, or float back to the blue base. Instead of running, you’re floating, as Frankie says. One mo’e thing, you can also switch from any perspective. You can go to masterchief1’s point-of-view, masterchief2’s point-of-view… like the driver’s perspective, or the turrets perspective, or switch up to the masterchief running with the rockets. So when you’re watching the vidz, you can see different perspectives from different players, to put it in a nutshell.

New Stuff

As a Halo3 beta tester, I’ve observed that the battle rifle is weaker, but the plasma gun is stronger stopping vehicles on the spot. So, considering that most of the intensity of the weapons have been dramatically changed or adjusted to the game-play of the map, there are also new weapons that are just as strong. :lindsey:

1)The Gravity Hammer is wicked awesome. It’s like a hammer you grab (with a great scope like /// <--- it looks like that somehow, jagged zig-zag scope like lightening) and you can whack someone in front and instantly kill them with a headshot. He flies away, too. I’m not sure but if you whack the vehicle and someone’s in it, this can weaken their shield or kill them.

2)I forgot the term but it’s a huge-ass vehicle, oh there you go…Elephant…it’s almost three times larger than the wraith and you can park a Scorpion tank inside AND drive this huge vehicle. I guess its main purpose is to transport vehicles from one point to another.

3)Brute Chopper shoots like ammos from a brute shot and gravels through the ground. It’s a one-man vehicle and the brute is strong. It’s basically got two huge (monster truck wheels) on the left and on the right side and you’re between them and driving it. Just picture it gray, Halo style graphics, like the mongoose but bigger, and rougher like a monster version. Roar.

4)Fuel Rod Cannon is the ultimate weapon as big as or even slightly larger than the transferable turret that we see on the Highgrounds where you walk around and you have to lug it around with you. Instead of shooting just bullets at multiple times and at high speeds, it’s one big, thunderous blotch of bright white-blue flashes that explodes the whole vehicle and of course a total instant death to whomever is around the vehicle or even just the player standing alone on the map.

5) You can take out all the indications on the screen like your shield, sensors, etc. so you have a full view of the game play.

6) Monster looks different. Helooks skinnier to me. he has a new armor on, looks like it's made out of metal. He's not really called monster but I call him "monster". I forgot his real label. Covenant, I think. Masterchief's armor is also different, similar, yet up-dated.



They had the co-op with 2 players showing us the mongoose, the warthog, the brute chopper, the elephant, the new black-hulk monsters that pull you out of your vehicle, bigger mosquito lookin’ flies that shoot green plasma killing nearly all your shield and you can tear down the donut looking thing with the blue bouncy thing inside. You know the one where you step inside, it pushes you upwards into a donut so you have a good view to snipe. Yeah, you can blow that up and it falls apart. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the Fuel Rod Cannon. Funny cause the whole crowd was going “Whooowwww…” Ha, so funny. We were all amazed and clapping, haha. Funny how we all bonded and yet when we’re on line, we talk so much trash to each other. Haha… hilarious.


You make custom games and can move anything on the map anywhere. You can change the places where you want the players to spawn. You can add vehicles anywhere and move it anywhere by grabbing it when you turn into this flying, metallic lookin’ eyeball. Frankie also said that each weapon is $2. There’s a list that pops up like a menu and shows each type of weapon with two bucks printed next to each image. He said they were cheap, but he didn’t really explain any further what and why they were priced. I’m thinking you might have to unlock some of the checkpoints or get achievements on co-op to get these. You can also receive weapons from your friends on-line and send weapons to your friends on-line. I don’t want to speculate so I’ll just leave it at that and say that Frankie didn’t explain the 2-dollah weapons too much, but you can put these anywhere on your maps. He also showed us the water in Highlands. He dove in as a metallic eyeball thingy and went in the water. Just for fun.


Record. Play. Fast forward. Slow-motion. Pause and save as .jpeg file so you can save as wallpaper if you like. When paused, you can move the view in any angle, all the way around in a 360’degree angle. When playing the video, you can also change perspectives from one player to another so you can see what the driver is doing or what the turret guy is shooting.


Overall, it’s pretty much bigger and better. Bigger vehicles, bigger weapons, and bigger explosions. Oh, and personally, I think it’s so cute when masterchief or monster carries their weapon on their back like a back pack or their needler in their pocket. So cute.

:btw: …ohh, and the graphics are FINE, literally FINE, clear, and SHARP. Beautifully done!!

~ok, 2:17 a.m. over here and I’m still craving for some Halo2… I’ll have to boot the husband out of the seat from his BIOSHOCK game so I can play. That BIOSHOCK is so shocking!! Hehe. Meh. Ah, so sleepy, though. But yeah, the whole experience was fun, especially meeting people like it was a party but everyone’s sober, and the crowd was a whole lot of fun in the theater. The spirit was awesome. People wore shirts that said “3” and “Halo 3 Beta Tester” including preskewl and me. Oh, and seat G13 won that golden masterchief helmet with everyone’s signature from Bungie. Someone was saying he needs to hide that or someone might jump him for it. Hehe. There were a lot of photographers from Bungie taking photos as well. Most likely being posted on Bungie, eh? Oh and people were shouting, :whoa2: “WOWWWW”, “OHHHH”, “OOOOO”, “AHHHH”, :wowie: “WHOWWW”, “HAHAHAHA”, *clap*clap*clap*applause* :clap: :clap: :clap: , and I added a little humor myself since people were shouting out little comments and jokes here and there. When we were watching Forge and masterchief was on top of the Scorpion tank (both of them were floating up in the air pretty high up), so you can move them… they were high up in the air and I said, “SUPERJUMP!!” :ha: HAHAHAH… meh. You had to be there. It got the crowd laughing, though! Hehe.. :happy1:

Wish you were here!! ;-)

See you at Penny Arcade!!

~ preskewl's wifey :typing: :heart:
SPARTAN-033 said:
man i think that it is crap that they wouldent let people bring there cameras in there cause is not like it would hurt any thing by letting the public see what goodies they have been keeping in store for us

:agree: there were a lot of photographers from the Bungie crew... i saw a lot of peeps shooting with their phone and one chick had her mac laptop with her so she could have shot with her camera. im pretty sure there were peeps with cameras that snuck it in. i thought there was going to be a body-search but there wasn't even. our friend said that there are these detectors that can sense camera lights if you have them on in the theater but either way, i didnt hear see anybody's camera confiscated...so it's most probably going to be on video somewhere online in a few hours..

p's wifey :typing:
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MustangMatt said:
Sounds like a blast! Glad you enjoyed it!

thenxx, mustang!! :wee:

~~let's see if i can still play a game or 2 on halo2 even though i'm sooo sleepy. *yawn* :zzz: after watching those games, i'm really excited to play halo3, but i'm itching even just to play halo2.

~~g'nyt guys!!! preskewl will talk to you guys tomorrow... :typing:

~preskewl's wifey :heart:
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Holy WOW!

THis write-up should be frontpaged, I'll suggest it to Adam.. Thanks for the amazing review of the evening wifey!

So glad that you were able to get in to this amazing event!
Hey Thanks Sean.. Yeah, she sure can write.. I don't know how she remembered all of that.. Photographic memory I guess hahha.. Such an amazing event, I'm hoping they will post of the pictures from last night.. Imagine how much press you guys would have gotten if you all had your suits on!! :hyper:

Well, I'm just glad that you got in to the event... must have been mindblowing!

*Total Envy*

Only video so far was from the Seattle Times intern: He didn't post any video from the show but has a few people interviewed.. You kinda can see half of me passing by at 37 and 38 seconds LOL haha.. I was the dude in the brown shirt.. Funny STUFF! :hyper:


Sean Bradley said:
Holy WOW!

THis write-up should be frontpaged, I'll suggest it to Adam.. Thanks for the amazing review of the evening wifey!

So glad that you were able to get in to this amazing event!

thank you Sean Bradley!! :wee:
thank you Sean and Adam for putting it up!! :bow:
It was fun writing and reliving!!... wish you guys were all there!! but we'll see each other online in a few weeks, eh?? :clap:

~preskewl's wifey :heart: .

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