Halo 3 Chief - "Finishing this fight"


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How many full suits can you make with old parts master_colt_117? :-D
Well... thats a good question. The original pieces I built, to learn how to make the suit have long since been trashed. Once I'm totally done with what I have invisioned, I'll have 2 complete suits. The one I debuted at Philly HOD is old now, the new one I suit up in now is totally different from the HOD one, other than some old parts im still using from the old suit. All total, ive probably built almost 3 suits since I set out on this adventure! But you get better and better the more you build, which gets you closer to the original dream. I wanted a suit that was as close to real looking as possible, which requires goals of movie grade quality. Not saying im there yet, but im getting close, and my plans I have invinsioned hopefully will get me there.