Halo 3 Chief - "Finishing this fight"


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At first i couldn`t distinguish the screenshots from the photos. Kinda irritating.
That one with the flag in the background seemed like a photoshop to me.
Haha thats funny and I don't mean to irritate anyone with my build, my goal is to only have as accurate armor as possible and Im still not completely done with it either. I still have plans to build new pieces for it and get it absolutely perfect. I promise no photoshop in these pics, it's all me! ;)


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I hope ExCeLLuR8 is OK with this. I connected in a message but will share the response for all to see

"The paint job was the hardest to figure out. Took me many many months, a ton of testing and money spent. You're painting hard surface material so you have more options. I have seen some people get pretty good results with the krlon Italian olive although it's not completely game accurate. For me I needed flex for the foam and I needed it to be very strong and durable. I'm starting to rack up suit up hours on my suit now and my paint job still looks as good as day 1. To get the color, its not just simply one color and call it done. It's an in depth process to build the color into the final look..if you saw my raw base green paint color, you'd call me a liar. Haha the paint i use for the base green is Sherwin Williams Interior /Exterior latex enamel house paint. Its about $25 for a qt. The latex properties make it very flexible, but I've used it on hard surface props as well like the helm, however, it's a little delicate until its protected with my really strong clear coat I use on hard props. That clear coat, has made the helm paint job nearly indestructible. I also use this same clear on my weapons props and it really makes them look like real metal. Its duplicolor matte wheel clear coat. I'd highly recommend coating your finished painted armor with this! "

I will add that I used the Krylon Italian Olive spray for my helmet and I am really happy with the color.


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Rescuing my thread from the depths..don't worry, I'm still here, and have a lot more planned!



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Truly rescuing my thread from the depths! I'm still here guys, still building, just not quite as fast these days, as life has been super busy. Going into the colder months, I plan to really start gearing up production. I'm still perfecting the halo 3 Chief armor and have big plans to take it to the next level! That said, I'm starting with the forearms, they have much better detail than my old ones, much better proportions and scaling. Almost done with this first one, only have the elbow joint latch left to freehand.

20200928_175523.jpg 20200928_175530.jpg 20200928_175541.jpg 20200928_175550.jpg 20200928_175557.jpg 20200928_175618.jpg 20200928_175641.jpg 20200928_170445.jpg 20200928_170406.jpg 20200928_170333.jpg 20200928_170316.jpg 20200928_182301.jpg 20200928_182312.jpg 20200928_182435.jpg 20200928_173513.jpg 20200928_173525.jpg 20200928_173538.jpg 20200928_173557.jpg
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Dusting the rust off my thread again. Just finished getting the halo 3 magnum finished up and the magnetic system works unbelievable well! I can sprint with the pistol mounted and shake the thigh piece as hard as i can, the pistol doesn't even move at all. Now I just need to caulk some imperfections and then seal it. I built this using ultra high dense core density 70 foam.. once heat sealed it is like hard plastic, you can't even squeeze it! The magnet is a 1 inch cube with 132lbs of force mounted in the thigh. The magnets in the pistol are just 3 disks with 92lbs of force. Kept the pistol lightweight and attraction starts happening about 3 inches away from the thigh before the magnets grab hard and lock together.

Links to the magnets below:

20201111_221203.jpg 20201111_221209.jpg 20201111_221223.jpg 20201111_221713.jpg 20201111_222452.jpg 20201111_222507.jpg 20201111_222728.jpg 20201111_222734.jpg 20201105_183903.jpg 20201105_183508.jpg 20201105_183445.jpg 20201106_201627.jpg


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Nice suit man! What material did you use to line the inside of the helmet? I am doing a Halo CEA build (3D printed) but scaling more toward myself and not the chief lol.. Did you make the helmet bigger at all to compensate for the inner lining? Also curious how you keep all the armor pieces centered on your body.
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Dusting off the thread again for the hundredth time. Lol finally making good progress on my shoulder Undersuit detail! Been a long time coming and making it functional is the trickiest part. Using more of an H2A chief as my example cause of better graphics. Also got my magnum leak sealed and ready for more sanding and then paint. Also made some good progress on my second new forearm piece. Will be excited to get these done. The details is 10xs better on these, more consistent, dramatic, accurate plus I will have room for elbow undersuit now too!

20201206_235358.jpg 20201206_235444.jpg Screenshot_20201206-232723_Video Player.jpg 20201206_194215.jpg 20201206_133858.jpg 20201206_134012.jpg 20201206_134017.jpg 20201206_172646.jpg 20201206_203002.jpg Screenshot_20201207-193157_Gallery.jpg
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