Halo 3 Chief - "Finishing this fight"


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At first i couldn`t distinguish the screenshots from the photos. Kinda irritating.
That one with the flag in the background seemed like a photoshop to me.
Haha thats funny and I don't mean to irritate anyone with my build, my goal is to only have as accurate armor as possible and Im still not completely done with it either. I still have plans to build new pieces for it and get it absolutely perfect. I promise no photoshop in these pics, it's all me! ;)


I hope ExCeLLuR8 is OK with this. I connected in a message but will share the response for all to see

"The paint job was the hardest to figure out. Took me many many months, a ton of testing and money spent. You're painting hard surface material so you have more options. I have seen some people get pretty good results with the krlon Italian olive although it's not completely game accurate. For me I needed flex for the foam and I needed it to be very strong and durable. I'm starting to rack up suit up hours on my suit now and my paint job still looks as good as day 1. To get the color, its not just simply one color and call it done. It's an in depth process to build the color into the final look..if you saw my raw base green paint color, you'd call me a liar. Haha the paint i use for the base green is Sherwin Williams Interior /Exterior latex enamel house paint. Its about $25 for a qt. The latex properties make it very flexible, but I've used it on hard surface props as well like the helm, however, it's a little delicate until its protected with my really strong clear coat I use on hard props. That clear coat, has made the helm paint job nearly indestructible. I also use this same clear on my weapons props and it really makes them look like real metal. Its duplicolor matte wheel clear coat. I'd highly recommend coating your finished painted armor with this! "

I will add that I used the Krylon Italian Olive spray for my helmet and I am really happy with the color.