Halo 3 Epsilon: New Halo 3 game test

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Sorry Sean,

and i didnt even no there was another build goin around.. on bungie theres ppl saying that they have it. apparently somebody who works for gamestop got a copy?

i dont even no what to believe


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ok im so sorry i dont want to risk getting banded but anyway are you sure this is the final build or could it be that mini game they talked about that would come with legendary and collectors edition? Its possible.

Sean Bradley

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Kotaku confirmed it today... look at the first post I made about it.

Its a more functional build for further testing of saved films and the Forge.


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I think it's great that they are testing Halo 3's new functions to work out the bugs, even if I can't play it.

It will make the game just that much better, In my opinion.



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Well its not all that internal if you signed up for www.connect.microsoft.com(this is wheere people become beta testers)
like 2 weeks ago bungie could have sent you an invite. I tried but didnt get one some people got in like this.You can get other beta invites there too.
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