Halo 3 homophobia

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the first thing I noticed is that all the bigots were american. :cautious:

"What? The land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy"
Zack de la Rocha.
Where is the funny. I find it sad and wrong. You guys are messed up. I mean, being X Gayboy X was a little extreme but still.
Ech. You get used to it. A lot of the people pre-game shout 'OMG FAG' and shut up the moment they realise there's a furfag on the game.
wow, is this the type of **** that goes on in Halo 3?

Rofl, in that case, someone should make an account called "XXX LesboGirl XXX" and see what the comments are XD

this is what I hate about xbox live, tards with no brain get on and start cursing people out and saying personal things about them, when they havn't the slightest idea who the person is, or where they are, or anything, all they see is a user-name, and maybe hear a voice, and that somehow gives them the ability to go back in time and have sex with the persons mother so they can then go back into the future and claim that they did that to the person.

btw, about them all being american, no one ever said america didn't have retarded teens who's vocabulary consists of 50 percent f-word 20 percent fag, 20 percent "bitch" and the rest being sexual jokes.
xalener said:
Viva la 40%!!!!!
I'm in that one.

Word. I'm not sure this is going in the right direction here though. Looks like a heated debate will follow...
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lol i dont care man that was hella funny. is that the guy from south park u know the devils boy friend on that ep? male on male :love: = funny/ sick
Primal Weyland said:
Ech. You get used to it. A lot of the people pre-game shout 'OMG FAG' and shut up the moment they realise there's a furfag on the game.

Furfags? In my 405th!? GTFO!

Haa... 'Kidding.

Power to the furs! x3
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Sorry, but I personally think it's funny.
Mainly because I get harrassed like that and my gamertag's only VanityGirl.
I think it's good for that guy because it made the other people look like IDIOTS.
So, smile jerks, you're on candid camera.

Leave the vid up, it's hella funny.
The only reason he got flamed so often was specifically because of his name. Wrong though it may be, he had to know what he was doing before even typing that name. He's probably not even gay just wanted to make a point.

People use that as an insult all the time. I'm not gay, but I've been called so many times on live. Probably because they were jealous I owned their asses, and my rank doesn't really reflect my skill since I don't sit at home all day and evening playing online to raise my rank. I play to have fun, but idiots like these spoil it sometimes. That's why I stopped playing Halo 2, cause it just got old.

On an interesting side note, my one friends just got XBL. He's not gay, but his name is something like 'anisjoe' or something. He's just doing it to screw with people's heads. Also, you can't put names that may be offensive up anymore, as you get a nifty little message saying something like 'that name is not appropriate'. That's why my friend had to misspell 'anis'. I can't wait to hear what stupid **** people say to him while we're killing and teabaging them, haha.

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