Halo 3 Legendary Hem. leak

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Pretty much guaranteed to go over what the Legendary Edition will cost retail (game and bonuses included).
Hmmm... Kind of hard to get a copy of a game that isn't finished yet, wouldn't it?

My guess is that it's just one of the fake ones in some stores, as like a show of what you're getting...
Who said anything about it having the game? There are tons of the helmets already made and ready for the game to go in, so it is pretty reasonable that a few would get leaked out and sold. Happens with everything. Hell, Halo 2 had the entire game leaked months before it came out.

I haven't seen the ones in stores yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they used the real things for the displays.
Ya, my uncle works at Pixar and he get DVD's way earlier than when they come out. Maybe this guy works at bungie or something. I dunno, just taking a wild guess.
well movies are done, before they go to dvd, (theaters)

games don't have that luxury. The game is done, when the game is done.
well i wanted to bid on but its too high now for that price without the game im going to wait till it comes out
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