Halo 3 Manual Leaked.

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Sean Bradley

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Kotaku has some scans that have surfaced on the net... supposedly of the Halo 3 game manual..

Bigger versions available here:






They can't. You couldn't dual wield them in the Beta...

Since Bungie made them more powerful they decided to make them single wield only.
Probably smuggled out of the printers, like the EGM article...

This is the real deal. Kotaku just doesn't know much about Halo 3.
Sean Bradley said:
Probably smuggled out of the printers, like the EGM article...

It's alot harder to keep these things secret when they are sent to the printers that mass produce the manuls, magazines, and ads that we end up seeing them.

The EGM article was snuck out by an employee of the Printer than was publishing the issue... this is probably a similar snafu.
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blinkava44 said:
wow if this is fake somebody took alot of time on it
i think it is seeing johnson is black but in this hes white ...
oh sweet cortana looks better then i thought XD
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I thought somebody was going to play the race card! :shock:

j/k I noticed that too, but I think it's just the lighting. They wouldn't dare make Sgt. Johnson a white man this late in the series..
Bungie said that they made him look old in halo 3, maybe its that plus lighting.

Wheres the flamethrower?? I thought it was in H3
It's just missing some pages...

The Flamethrower is one of the 3rd person weapons, like the detachable turrets and the Missle Pod.. those aren't listed either... or the deployable weapons..

Well we should be grateful that we're even privy to seeing these scant few pages, but I'm sure some people are irked that they didn't get the whole thing... well beggars can't be choosers..

It's a leak, not an official release.
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