1st Build Halo 3 MK6 armor build


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Well it’s been awhile, but here’s where I’m at

The helmets almost completely done. I’m figuring out the padding and secureing it to my head, but other than that It’s just awaiting lights and other electrical bits to be installed.

I’ve also done one of the forearms

And half of the chest front


Hein B287

interesting finish on that helmet. i have to say it doesn't look too bad. I'm curious how it will look on the whole suit


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Four days of printing later and the top half of the back is finally done.


It took a bit of work because the side was covered in a tiny bit of support material.


but that’s nothing that a dremel tool with a grout removal tool can’t fix.

I’m going to be covering this entire side in bondo in order to smooth out the appearance and make it look better.


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what paint did you use? it's pretty close
I used Krylon satin Italian olive. I spent a solid $30 on finding the right and closest color that would stick to line-x. I'm pretty satisfied with it. There are a few detail areas that I have to go over and I would like to add some silver wear marks on the edges, but I'm super satisfied with it so far.

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