Halo 3 Models for Pep

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I was just wondering if anyones found a 3d Model of the halo 3 spartans yet? maybe then one of you masters of paper could flatin it out into pep forum for future creations. I do expect Doom to be already on this task by him self lol
The Halo 3 spartan armor looks pretty much the same as the Halo 2 armor only with three holes in the hands and knees with kinda like a triangular shape with a square shape in the back.
it would be very kind of somone to make a 3d model of the h3 cheif helmet, make it into pepekura, and make a skin

please :)
I think what we should do is have someone walk around the Halo 3 model in the Beta and upload the video. You could send it to me if you want and I could make a flash where you could move it back and forth to get the dimensions.
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