Halo 3: ODST Armour Project by harican89


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Hey dudes, iam new in the 405th community and i startet the master chief mark VI helmet first, to test the paper i used and my skills in folding.

now iam starting a project of an odst armour which i show you step by step.
tipps for the whole project are wellcome.

first of all... here ist my odst rookie helmet folded out of the model from rundown.

the odst rookie helmet
1. day after 5 hours

2. day after 7 hours

3. day after 6,5 hours (finished)

the whole time, i used the television or movies like matrix to level up my motivation.
after i finished i think that the helmet is to big... the hole at the bottom seems to be to small, but the whole look of the helmet is hughe.

by the way,... i tried the markVI helmet with normal glue, but now i used hot glue... the helmet looks way better thatn the old one.

I finished today, the left shoulder and the left forearm.

both parts takes 8 hours.

the next part will be the mirror parts (right forearm and right shoulder)

i got the resin yesterday and try to resin a trash pice of my armor...
now iam start resin the helmet and finished a new shoulder for the armor. this time i peped an other model which looks better.

here the images:

the helmet on the picture isnt the right helmet... this is the helmet which was to huge, so i peped an other one.


Today, i finished the torso. the middle stomach pad and the chestplate.
the helmet and the chestplate are resined.
yesterday i recognized that the shoulder pieces which are unresined, soaked water and are now 6 pieces of crap.
now i have to fold the shoulders again...

these parts are unresin and the helmet isnt the right one


okay here are some new pics of my project.
i start to smooth the helmet and folded an SMG..

today i finished the painting of an trash chestplate.
this is only fore the color check but it looks nice... only the brown/sand color is terrible, because it has an structure which is like sand on a piece of paper. thats the reason why the white color soaked into the brown painted parts.

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where did you get the pdf of the smg, it looks simpler then the one i have, and what are you applying after the resin? thanks


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pdf?... i use pdo files :D but i found it on 4shared.com
its the low detail with the attachment from the high detail one.

and sry, this is my first thread... i create an other one with lots of more updates in the correct section
here is the link

the 4shared link is also in this linked thread.