Halo 3 ODST: NMPD (New Mombasa Police Department "Pic Heavy")


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HILU!!!! :D
Alright ill just get right to it...
A few months back I decided to build an NMPD from Halo 3 ODST for Halo-ween. 1 week into the build and this is how it looked halloween night with a rough undersuit slapped together.


A week or two later I decided to brew my own blood batch and add some unique battle damage and this is where im at now! :)

Sooooo... YAH! Just waiting on some reference pics so I can complete the rest of the build to my standards, buuuuutttt, besides that I should be able to get more updates to peoples probably by this weekend! :)
All these pics and more can be found in the foam armouring thread, its a great thread soooo... go check it out!!! =D
And just to say, the suit may not look so great because it was a quick rush job just so ide have something to wear on halloween. All in all from the current pics, I have probably worked a total of about a week and a half on this thing, soooo... could be better but oh well! And seeing as how I didn't have time to paint it, the rest of the suit will just be the flat grey coloured matt (to match the rest) accented with a nice little touch of homemade battle scaring! So you can baaasically call this my custom NMPD. ENJOY!!! =D


holy shift! wow. that is really good. i can honestly see nothing wrong with that at all. good job.


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You want the helmet? I've got a file I can get you within the next couple days... I just gotta do some small editing.


Yes!!!!! i love seeing foam armor this clean:D
this is some really awesome work.
I love the dash of blood... it looks like either you where kicking brute butt or you where exactly the lame N.M.P.D that where getting their asses handed to them in the game.
Overall really cool.


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Wow, Ive seen all these foam builds lately. A great use of a new material. My big question: Is it hot to wear?


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Wow! All these great comments, I really wasn't expecting this, lol!? Thanx everyone for the comments, I really appreciete it! Its a great way to keep me on task and motivated, so all I can really say is... Keep em coming, and ill try to get some updates to yall as soon as possible! =D

First off, yes xlasernoobsx, I would love to have the helmet, it would be extremely apprecieted! Second off I was aiming for the whole brute slaying aspect of the suit, so good guess kahnah, (as lame as NMPD are) lol! And to you Burke, all I can say is this... Dependent upon the atmoshpheric conditions you place your self in, the temerature of the suit varies upon the factor of how active you are in those conditions, so just keep it cool and collected and youll stay cool! Keep it active and upbeet and your shure to work up a sweet, lol! =P

Again, thanx for the comments everyone, its really apprecieted! :)




Did you base your armor off of a pep file? Or is it straight eyeball? If it is a pep, where can one find it?

Keep working.... I amd really digging this suit....



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Thanx man, and no pep, purely scratch, sorry dude... I believe Ruze has a model at his disposal though. May want to p.m. him for further info on the subject if your interested.


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You shiz is looking not half bad man! And I already have all those reference pics and more from Ruze now. Thanx anyways! :)


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Alright, so I wasn't able to get to work on my NMPD suit this weekend unfortunatley once I realized that for the time being I need to conserve all of my foam for my winter-break project. Thats another story, (still inside the Halo universe), but I assure you that this will get done. For now I need to focus on my other project... So in other words I may not be able to get back around to this until probably January starts up or at the end of December-ish. So be patient with me people. All in all it will be sort of a win win situation for you guys though, because you'll be able to get your satisfaction of pics by seeing the start up of a spartan very soon, not saying who, but you get the picture (new thread)! =D
So again, sorry for the inconvenience for those who were looking forward to seeing some more pics, but I need time to focus on the rest of this project and my new project, not rush through it like my vest... :/