Halo 3 Turret Kit Build Journal?


405th Regiment Officer
I was thinking of doing some R&D on making a functioning (able to spin up) 3/4 to full scale Halo 3 turret and the possibility of once it's completed offering it as a kit for sale, if there is interest from other members and possibly regiments if groups of people would like pool together to purchase a kit. Like I said this is all theoretical for now just to see if there is any interest in the prop or the kit. Ideas of realistic prices or feedback of any kind would also be greatly appreciated! Again I'm not advertising that I am or that I will be planning to sell this prop, I really just want to see if there would be interest in this before I start developing this project with kitting in mind. I appreciate everyone here for all the help they've been to me and every other member and I can't wait to see what everyone is and will be making in 2024!
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