Halo 3 vs Assassins Creed

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Hey guys. I am debateing on gettin AS. Is it just as good or worth paying for? It looks kinda wierd. I juat want to spend my $60 wisley.
i personally like halo a lot lot better. i went to my friends house and played. it wasnt as god as halo by far. depending on what else you would spend your money on i wouldnt buy it. i would raher buy a different game. or maybe use it on stuff for halo armor.
Different genres. I personally don't like to compare different genres, since they're, you know, different.
Well... unless you're taking the first two letters, shouldn't it be AC?

Sorry, I can't help it... I like to correct people for some reason. But not gloatingly.
Most reviews I hear about Assasins Creed say that it's a bad game built on a really good engine...

I'll be waiting on that one...
iamyourcousin228 said:
No i got halo 3 at the midnight launch.
As did i :D. Still, AC is a fun game. Sure it has a downsides eg. AI, Repetitive story line. but it makes it for it with free running, combat and graphics. I'd still get it, just so the storyline makes sense when the sequals come out.
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