Halo 4/5 Full Pepakura Armor Build WIP


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Haha... no i do get my sleep and i only work for 4 hours every afternoon.

I see exactly what you mean now that you point it out. Helmet scaling definitely is not the easiest thing in the world.
Thanks for the advice! :D
Not a problem, and your welcome! Looking forward to seeing more progress!


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Finished one entire leg and I'm happy with the way it looks on to finish the other and I had to hold on to the top pieces because I don't have any strapping on yet.:D
IMG_1126.JPG IMG_1127.JPG


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Felt like I should share that what I started with was my Assault Rifle which was also my very first foam work. It took about 2 weeks and was my first feel and push for the full suit to be built.


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It has been about a week since I last posted an update on my armor and that was due to having a large exam and life, but here I am now with all of armor completed.... except the final helmet. I built my right shin throughout the week and I had a large amount of free time today so I knocked out the thigh in 1 session to get it done with. I am really happy with the way it turned out and I can't wait to put the full suit on.:D


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Pepakura Stage DONE!!!... well almost. The only pepakura I have left to do is my gloves but here are some shots of all the armor and my AR put together, on to the fun part of Fiberglassing and hardening!!!
Oh... and here's a fun shot of all the helmets I've made


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This is my new fave build thread. I'm using the exact same pep files (master builder is a godsend), I'm almost finished the first shin and that's all I've done crazy you've finished all that in such a short amount of time man! :eek:

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Hey 405... Back in January of this year i started this thread and posted updates on my work until about April. I am now back posting updates and since my absence I have done a little work.

Visor: from Impact Props (I have 2 just incase)

I also have a new workspace and materials are more in my grasp along with a mannequin to hold all of the armor.

Much more is needed to be fiberglassed though and the visor is not permanent right now (don't worry)
let me know what you think so far and if you have any helpful advice, feel free to throw it at me.

Edit: Sorry for picture orientation