Props Halo 4 M6H scratch build from wood

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Great job indeed!

I would like to see a realistic/metalish finnish, but I'm sure thats not something easy to do. But hey you did an awesome job!


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Would you mind posting a pic of it without any attachments?
You have a early pic of it, but it would be nice to see what it looks like without anything on it now that you've made a lot of progress.

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First of all, let me say that is some excellent work. Especially considering you did all free handed. I do have few questions; one where did you get the balsa wood? I am a carpenter and the lumber yards (not the big box stores) do no carry balsa wood. I wonder if ash would be close substitute? Popular seems to be a little to hard to carve out, even if it's still soft. Your reference pic, where did you get it from, and what scale did yu print it? Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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Crzy horse I was buying my balsa at Pearl Artist and Craft, but they recently went out of business. I have seen it at Michaels crafts and AC Moore, but they don't have the best selection. I would not suggest buying it online, you want to hand select the sheets. I just googled Halo 4 M6H and chose a pic with a good straight side profile, I think I scaled it at 90%...but its still a big gun, fits the hand well in armor.
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Hey thank you for the the heads up. Funny you mentioned michaels I went there for a hot knife today. I looked at the wood, but in plywood sheets all they had was birch. I could take some balsa strips, and make some home made plywood. But I would rather that be a last resort. Btw the hot knife I went there for was not the one I wanted, but I still bought it.. It's junk and has to go back tomorrow.