Halo 4 Spartan IV under armor and utility suit

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by VividT E X, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Pappa Midnight

    Pappa Midnight Jr Member

    how did you take this pic . whats the hack you used?
  2. Morphine


    I won't post the exact method, but I modified profile data to remove the armour then used a screenshot extractor to copy it to the PC.

    The challenge is killing yourself in a way that you corpse poses properly to take good reference screenshots.
  3. JetFireRR

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    Best way I found to get the perfect angles for ref pictures is to go into theater mode and pause when I get to a position I can gain multiple angles. I played about a 2 min mini match with myself tossing grenades at my feet and killing myself: body would blow up in the air with arms flailing. Best position to take pictures is when you pause with the body still in the air (can take a picture from any angle!). I also found that the camera can actually clip into the dead model for interior angle shots (helpful for capturing how pieces fit together), yet the model needs to be a bit above ground level as the in game camera cannot descend below a certain level.

    And for those wondering: I don't have a capture device aside from taking a literal screenshot with my digital camera!
  4. Morphine


    Pretty much what I did to get that screenshot.

    It's quite tedious, maybe I'm trying too hard to get the exact The Vitruvian Man pose I'm searching for. I used grenades and rocket launchers to try get a corpse mid-air or landing in a pose easiest to take screenshots of.
    I haven't had enough time to do so, but I'll work on it some more tomorrow morning and see what results I can get.
  5. Crimmson


    @ morphine

    can you add the helmet back on and take some pics. thank you

    1= Head, 2= Torso, 3= Left Shoulder, 4= Right Shoulder, 5= Forearms, 6= Legs, 1d =yellow, 1e = ?, 1f = ultra white
  6. Morphine


    I'll see what I can do, as I have worked out how to remove armour but not put it back on.

    I want to get some good reference pics with no armour first, then I can look at enabling the helmet.
    Any preference to primary / secondary colours and type of helmet?
  7. TheMagicNumber

    TheMagicNumber New Member

    Naughty Modder...I smell a Jtag?..or a very good gamesave :p
  8. Talon Karrde

    Talon Karrde New Member

    Just by luck I found a pair of my gym shoes from years past. And they have the exact pattern you all are looking for. They are called Nike Storm crested butte. Google it and look for the pic of the shoe with the hex pattern.

    They are old, but maybe Nike can track down the manufactureer and then get a response.
  9. Morphine


    Naughty, maybe. Jtag, no.

    As I've said, I'm using this hex mod purely to get reference pics and not to go online, so much so I've created a separate offline profile to my normal one and have yet to connect back up to xbox live since beginning all of this.
    Don't need a Jtag xbox to do the hack either, just need a few programs and know your way around a hex editor (or follow instructions like I did! :)).
  10. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    hmm i might look intot this! halo 4 elite armor hopes!
  11. Crimmson


    I did the same thing, offline use only, but I unlocked all the armors to use as reference as I am learning blender with great help from kingrahl and ruse.
  12. vargatom

    vargatom Member

    I've just bumped into this:





    This suit is not entirely covered in a hex pattern, and the scale of the cells is wrong too. It's not exactly cheap either.

    But it's a breathing fabric so you won't get cooked. It's tight fitting and you don't need to sew anything at all. It's also probably not as expensive as ordering 10-30 yards of those fabrics. And you'll cover up a lot of it with the armor pieces anyway... and you can use 2mm thick foamies to build some detail pieces on top of it, like the hips and shoulders.

    Oh, and The North Face is a worldwide brand, so it's a good chance that it's available in your country, where ever you may live. It's also probably going to last for the rest of your life... and if you don't ruin it completely, you can even go skiing or hiking in it :)

    I have no idea how to do the neck, though. The shirt I've linked has a zipper neck but it's not long enough, so you can probably go with the standard neck version as you'll need some custom piece anyway. Or maybe a balaclava will do it?
  13. Snail3Productions


  14. Talon Karrde

    Talon Karrde New Member

    That looks like it is the closest thing we are going to get. Shy of someone stumbling on a roll of the stuff I posted about earlier.
  15. rcracer1997

    rcracer1997 New Member

    I Do have an idea on how to make those more detailed. If yo ever feel like doing it. You could sew a hex patter into the fabric giving it that look. To make the multicolored parts just Sew on some pieces of stretchable cloth.
  16. Carter Locutus

    Carter Locutus New Member

    <3 Love that north face piece, I have a few north face stuff here at home, and they never let me down. I love the flow of the outfit to, would be a great start for underarmor, few little touch ups and it be pretty awsome looken.. ideas are flowing now hahah. Nice post.
  17. King of Gondor12

    King of Gondor12 Jr Member

    Just saw this and I had an epiphany on how to do the Honeycomb look.

    Sew the mesh onto the back of the fabric, get some small beads or something, about the size of beanbag beads and then place them into the gaps in the mesh, sew the back over and voila, honeycomb.
  18. Morphine


    So I took a heap of reference screenshots this morning for the undersuit. Once I'm home from work, I hope to extract them onto the PC and will post them once done.

    Also, on the weekend i bought myself a sample piece of spandex, which is going to be the likely material I'll use for the undersuit (in addition to faux leather for other details, such as the inner elbow). It was originally a dark bluey grey and have since dyed it with jet black (using iDye Poly) to make it a dark deep blue that's more black than blue, which will be great for the lines around the hexagons. The next step I'm waiting to hear back on is a local company that does sublimation.

    Once I have a pattern made (if possible), I'm hoping to sublimate the hexagon texture (I can do up in Illustrator / Photoshop) onto the spandex. After that, to add the bumpiness to the hexagons, I was thinking of cutting out the same sized hexagons out of 3mm EVA foam and then gluing it underneath. I'm not sure how well the foam would hold if the spandex stretches, but hopefully the lines between the hexagons would provide the give it needs. I've found an online store that stocks hexagonal shaped foam boosters HERE but not sure what their dimensions are. I'll give the foam gluing a go first and see what the results are like.
  19. BagelMaster47

    BagelMaster47 Jr Member

    cannot wait to see how this suit turns out!!!
  20. Morphine


    I did a little shopping on my lunch break and found some "foam glue" that apparently sticks to fabric and is flexible.
    I've given my test dyed spandex piece another wash and will look at doing some gluing tests tomorrow with foam (which for the best bond takes 24 hours to cure in a warm area).

    Now, after a few hours of painstakingly blowing myself up to try get the best corpse posing possible, I've managed to get some screenshots for those looking for undersuit reference pictures.
    It is incredibly difficult to have the body positioned symmetrically (evident in the back / chest pics) but I tried the best I had to work with.

    Without further delay, here is the following Imageshack album (which was being a pain in the a$$) with all shots of the undersuit:


    Here's a picture from it to give you an idea:


    Let me know what you think! Also, if you're after more particular shots of the undersuit, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  21. Crimmson


    You are the best morphine. Thank you.
  22. Sri LanKING

    Sri LanKING New Member

  23. Morphine


    Not a problem :)

    The use of neoprene was the first thing I looked at but the problem is the fabric is designed to retain heat and keep you warm. If you're wearing it in summer outdoors, you'll boil like an egg!

    The answer is using a fabric that's breathable and wicking to keep cool. If you're cold then you can always wear skins or thermals underneath.
  24. Crimmson


    I know its a shoe but it stretches, it is breathable and sturdy. We just need to find who supplies it.
    It is my puma running shoe. It matches the pattern close.


    What do you guys think?
  25. spartan IV

    spartan IV

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