Halo 4 Spartan IV under armor and utility suit

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    Drool... erywhere. Not sure who said it - but yes, if I had an undersuit the likes of which you guise are talking about, would strut dat sh*t by itself - because a-freakin-mazing :L
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    Hey all - new to forum and undertaking the Orbital Armor build from Halo 4 with custom undersuit. I've been doing tons of research and reading and here's my thoughts on an approach

    - it cant be neophrene. Doesnt breathe. But the embossed neophrene is so badass and perfect. It just doesnt breathe. Also you have to order in bulk. So unless we all go in on an order of 1000 yards or something, it isnt worth it.
    - i dont think its a honeycomb/hex pattern. Its close. But it looks more ovular. It wont matter too much, but for the perfectionists out there it might.
    - i think the suit requires three layers - a base layer, a layer of foam padding cut into the key pieces of exposed undersuit and then sew in between to give a raised effect with top colored/textured layer. So it's a sandwich, but is all sewn together so it's one suit. Bottom layer is ultra lightweight spandex, top layer is three kinds of fabric - marine vinyl, and two different tones of spandex (depending on your color scheme). Those top two layers of spandex need to be painted with a hex or ovular hex pattern (stencil, but the stencil needs to be a negative to be just the lines, tricky to do, or you use a positive, just the hexes cut out with the lines left and you use the underlying fabric as the color for the lines) so light under color, positive stencil with a dark color on top, yields a dark looking fabric with lighter lines.
    - my rationale for spandex is: needs to be tight, well muscular/look like it has armor pieces, and breathable. Also i think the added benefits of an embossed neophrene would be amazing, however, you'd sweat your balls off. For those that are neophrene interested, google "stomatex". Breathable and embossed by default. Also i think neophrene would be hard to work with as I'm new to sewing and stuff.
    - lastly, embellishments/accents are sewn/fabric glued on to of the suit.

    This is the best i could come up with unless you want to sculpt/mold in rubber like a batman suit (no time/skill for that). I'm still making my pattern and such but will be starting sewing shirtly after. I'm new to sewing as I've said to I'm probably going to do a craigslist post and pay a seamstress $20 for a consultation or something. I don't have the link to my Orbital post (on phone) but just search for Orbital Armor.


    (Sorry for formatting, I'm mobile)
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    Does anyone else own or ride motorcycles or dirtbikes? The reason i ask because they make riding armor with a material called D30. Its shock absorbing, and already comes premade into tops and bottoms. Some of them actually look like they could be utilized as a base layer for your undersuit. Possibly one like....this?

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    On top of that, the D30 'Hardpoints' could be used to integrate mounts for armor 'plates'.
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    take a look at my thread if you want some inspiration (it's in my signature :p )
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    Has anyone had any luck finding this stomatex material? After reading about it and googling it, all I can find is the manufacturer website, stomatex.com. To me this seems like the best thing for an under suit. It's neoprene yet it breathes. Its pretty awesome. But all I can find is stuff that companies have made using the stuff. I emailed the manufacturer to get a quote on friday the 16th but obviously won't hear anything until the monday the 19th, which is annoying...Has anyone else even tried?
  7. rickrtickr


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    This is crap!

    Ok so I never heard back from Stomatex. I've emailed them again but I honestly don't expect a reply. It was suggested that I just email them every day until they do reply, which I'll probably do. However, If someone on here is from Liverpool then they could just go there to them and let us all know the details. It would be awesome if this would happen. BUT, I don't expect this to happen either. My guess is that they might not sell to individuals, but it could just be that they suck balls at customer service...who knows.
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    If that helps, for my undersuit, I'm using thermal top/pants
    (found at Walmart in the underwear section for about 10$ each)
    The pattern is square instead of ex but that's the cheapest and closest I found so far!
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    Do you have a picture?
  11. Blackblood


    There is a pattern making technique called drafting you use a series on exact measurements to create the pattern. They even use a printer similar to the kind to blueprints are made on. To change the sewing pattern for another person you just use their measurements. There are even companies that will do it for you. There are some new fun stretch fabrics out now like stretch vinyl that looks like leather and stretches and breathes like spandex.
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    Looks like this...
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    I've been searching for a similar fabric. Tried "Hexagon shape", "Honeycomb shape", tried finding similar photos, etc. After a few weeks now I decided to try again and realized that the patter is much like "Chicken wire". Sure enough, eBay has some available. Might not be exact, but it's 100% cotton which is cheap and easy enough to sew.


    Just might order some tonight.
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    Ok so I finally found a place that supplies Stomatex, and its right here in the U.S., but the good news is that they don't just buy it, they can make it. Why is that good news? Because it literally eliminates the middle man and saves a little bit of money. The place is called MMI Textiles, mmitextiles.com. I just put in for a quote and the minimum order today ( 8/29/13), so hopefully I'll hear something by tomorrow night. The quote was for 4 yards by 2 feet by 2-3 millimeters which should be more than enough for a full body suit. I'll post again when I hear back from them. ;)
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    I just can't seem to catch a break with this stomatex stuff. MMI Textiles finally got back to me and the verdict is....it's been discontinued. :angry I'm pulling my hair out right about now. I could really use some help.
  16. Blackblood


    I was talking with another 405th member last week and dye sublimation of the fabric could be an option.

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