Halo 4 Venator Torso and Shoulder Foam Templates PDO's By JTM1997


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Im finally releasing the Files I used for my Venator suit that I since put on hold, JTM1997 made the models I unfolded them for foam builds, you can modify the file for pepakura if you like, The files are Low Detail which is what I requested since I was using them for a foam build, you can add all the details while working with foam, also the Torso is not 100% accurate but close, the diffrences can be taken care of if building with foam, hope you guys can use them


Download link for torso file


Download link for shoulder

For the shoulder you will have to scratch build the part that holds the shoulder to your arm also if someone knows of a better way to share the files besides 4 shared feel free to share the files on another file share site but please post the links in this thread



Thanks man, for adding another project on my already cramped room XD i won't have much after the space marine and Clone Commander i have planned...oh well


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is this pep or foam ready? thank you and jtm1997 for releasing these.

edit: I just looked at the right side of the pic. big ole DERP on the grandest scale of derpatude( Webster come on, I claim this one too)
LoL I was about to say I think the pic shows pep, don't worry I think we all do the same thing ;)


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I wonder If you can Upload this files again please, since thy are not available anymore. I need Chest, Helmet and Shoulder/Bicep if you have them.


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elplac, be advised, this thread is almost 5 years old since last touched. Necro posting is frowned upon here. If you have a question, PM the author directly......but keep in mind, if the person hasn't been on in a while, you might not get an answer. Best to check out Armory and do a search there for what you're looking for HERE. Good luck and welcome to the 405th.