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  • Hey, I couldn't help but notice the scout helmet you built while looking at the pep of your recruit helmet I've been waiting for a scout file to be modeled and was wondering if you had plans to make the file available to public anytime soon.
    Hello there. I've also heard that you sell Halo 4 MC helmets. Very interested. Get back to me if you can please.
    hey hyper since i saw you online i was wondering if you could tell me what file is easier to do the h4 helmet??? and yes i know is very dificult but since theres alot of models now i dont know wich one to choose. i made a new thread about it if you wanna check it out but since you made it , well i was wondering if you could tell me like the pros and cons about each file because the v1 and v2 of h4 helmet have a toooooooooooooooooon of little pieces and the other have less pieces so i am confused
    Hey, saw your post about applying mirror chrome to the visor. What is the best mirror chrome to use and how is the visibility? Thanks.
    Hello sir, I heard through the grape vine that you sell H4 Chief helmets. Get back to me about when you have time, I'm very interested.
    Hey, I was looking at your awesome foam stuff and saw that you said you were sealing it with caulk. I've been trying based on the few posts that I saw and it isn't coming out nearly as good as yours. I was just curious as to whether or not you were ever going to make a tutorial, 'cause it seems like the most cost effective approach. Hope I'm not bothering you
    hi just checkin what kinda pricing ya got on the damaged Eod helm vs a good pull
    Gday Hyper, i only joined yesterday so i cant comment on the thread. That Busa suit is EPIC! I read the whole thread and seeing it go from pep to a covanent nightmare in 4 months is inspiring! Keep up the awesomeness!
    Your work is very UBER! And can't wait to see your masterpiece finished. I'm super impressed with the end results that you are achieving.

    Kevin Hickman
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