Halo 5 advice for a poor noob?

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by mblackwell1002, May 12, 2017.

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    Hey guys! So I just bought an xbox one and Halo 5...Turns out, I'm terrible!

    The fact that I just bought an xbox one and I'm not used to the xbox one controller probably isn't helping, but I need assistance!
    My aim isn't bad, but it could be better. How could I improve it? What sensitivity should I use? I've played some of the campaign on Heroic; hasn't really helped much...

    What are the most common gameplay strategies?

    Right about now, I'm open to most suggestions. I've seen Luke the Notable's YT channel, and while it has helped, I'm not really doing well.

    I expected H5 to be similar to H4, but BOY I was wrong. I was really, really good at H4...but Halo 5? no way. I want to be a competitive player, but I am trash at this one...so yeah, I ask you kind people for assistance...for a noob. :)
    Any help any of you have is valuable to me.

    Thanks guys.
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    sensitivity: whatever the normal settings are. Just leave them. They are good.

    lowe the difficulty then? Heroic is quite hard.

    i think it has some incredible gameplay, love the spartan charge.

    how can you be good at H4 but worse at H5? they don't have so much change.
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    He's probably talking about online.

    I've struggled with it a ton as well. Unfortunately being an adult and doing adult things cuts into gameplay time quite a bit. All I can say is practice. Get used to using the new boosts ( clamber, crouch slide, etc) and get comfortable using all weapons if you like classic slayer game styles.

    The lack of consistency is what really challenges me. In halo reach, swat was my jam. ( I've never really been good at classic slayer. ) Now in reach, it was swat, or swat magnums. Pretty easy to get comfortable with. Even halo 4 only had dmr, br, and magnums in swat, and generally you could pick which weapon for each match. Now we have dmr swat, br swat, halo ce magnum swat, halo 2 swat, and swatnums. I find it really tough to master all of these different weapons when I only play a few times a month.
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    I'm Diamond skill level in slayer now. Not to mention this thread is 4 months old...Thanks anyway, though. I do like to see how other people improve compared to myself. I don't play very often, so I can't count on practice as much as others can.

    I was pretty serious about improving my skill, so I micromanaged every aspect of my gameplay...that's how I learn best. When I lose a gunfight, I think "What could I have done to prevent that loss?" and I apply it, one mental tip at a time. Beating the campaign on legendary is always a good refresher for accuracy, too.

    One thing that I do to ensure mental success in Halo, is to think about where enemies will be every time I spawn. For instance, I die, respawn, and after I've respawned, I think "Where are my enemies going to be?" I make sure to stand pretty still, look around at where my friendies are located, then hypothesize where my enemies will be.

    I'll usually head that way, and BOOM! Right as I'm looking at where I thought the enemy would be, an enemy walks right into my reticle.

    *mental fist-pump*

    Lots of easy kills that way. I try to keep moving and remind myself to stay 100% mobile, thinking about where enemies are.

    I've found that mental awareness and focus is what got me to a high skill level, not my gun skills.

    If I had a better shot...that would be nice, lol. I try to play either campaign or SWAT to improve my shot, but Halo 5's aiming system is kinda strange compared to other games like Destiny. The aim assist is definitely less (and that's fine with me, a much larger skill gap) but I need to tinker with my sensitivity a bit more. I currently use 5 Sens, with 2 accel, works best for me. I started with 4 sens, and 5 accel, and I couldn't track targets with my AR up close. As I said, Halo 5's aim is weird, as soon as I find a sensitivity that I think works, I find a good reason to change it up. That's why I bumped my sens to 5 with 2 accel, and I can track AR shots well, but I find it harder to use the Magnum than before.

    Well, I actually prefer to hammer myself with challenges and face them like that. Playing on heroic wasn't helping me improve at all. I ended up playing it on Legenday solo and improved greatly that way. I was learning to treat every situation as if it were my last and making better decisions throughout my gameplay.
    Well, I already didn't do that. Honestly, everyone has their own playstyle and preference, so default settings will not work for everyone. I use 5 sens and 2 acceleration, and that works pretty well for me.
    Yeah, Halo 5 has some incredible gameplay, but I DESPISE Spartan Charge. It's such a stupid addition to the Halo 5 sandbox, IMO. It's like an auto-correct feature for running into an engagement when you are "supposed" to be cautious when moving around the map. It drives me insane, I find it to be a very unbalanced addition to Halo 5. I hope 343 removes it in Halo 6.
    Well, for starters, Halo 4 is more run-and-gun for a Halo game. There isn't much strategy whatsoever. The guns are too easy to use, with too much aim assist to make it competitive.
    Classes change it as well, every time you walk around a corner you find something unexpected. That is not something that should exist in a Halo game! It should be a level playing field, where everyone has a fair chance at grabbing weapons. (pretty much any other Halo, except Reach) I appreciate 343's attempt in Halo 4, but I'm glad they did something really good in Halo 5.
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    Absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Every Halo game is run and gun. You shoot at things that are trying to shoot at you, then occasionally press A to initiate something.

    But fair points on the difficulty topic.

    As for controls, i just get used to whatever they've given me. I don't like to mess around with that stuff.
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    mblackwell1002, you are just being difficult and want instant gratification. It takes time to be come accustomed to new controllers and system.
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    The start of this thread was 4 months ago, man.

    Through those 4 months, yah, I learned. I was just a tiny bit ticked off that it took someone 4 months say something. During those 4 months, I grinded to get gud. Time was wasted, not a big deal.

    Thanks. (y)
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    Memorize spawns and common routes players take. Once you have gotten that much you can then be at more of an even pace with everyone else. I had the same problem before! Get spawn killed and then attacked from players before I even know what hit me ha! Look around all to see nothing, and then look forward to see some player charging me!
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    git gud

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