Halo 5 recruit charred


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I have worked on it all day, and even showed up a few hours after the con started... I am going to work on it there if I can, and will have it done by tonight. I did say i was on track to have it done by the first day of the con though soooo....


This looks great for the other armors, but halo 4 and 5 suits are just too exposed... View attachment 273217
I mean... I did say gen 1. Yeah, doesn't really work with gen 2. I had forgotten if yours was gen 1 or 2.


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So! I just want to say that the event was amazing! The 405th was awesome and everyone was very fun and friendly! I am very fortunate to be apart of such a wonderfull group.

Now about the suit... I FINISHED IT! I worked long and hard, and even spent a few hours using the charging stations to plug in my hot glue to finish the suit. I even ran up to the costume contest and asked if it was too late to sign up. They said if I waited a few more minutes i wouldn't have made it. They asked me a few questions, and asked If there was anything they should know, and I responded with "unfinished the undersuit 30 min ago." They chuckled and asked a few more questions and finished with what are you most proud about with the suit. My responce: that I got it done XD

I wore it Saturday and Sunday, and it was the best thing ever. It never broke and there were very minimal problems luckily. I played the twenty person big team battle laser tag in full armor. Was amazing. Also did I mention I won second place in the needlework category for the costume contest? :b wow

I met a few people such as greenskull, ducain23, I fist bumped grimbrotherone on stage during the costume contest, and even had a little chat with him afterwards. I even got to play btb with barvo and uniszek!

My camera is really bad, so I was waiting till people uploaded pictures of the events online, but here are a few that were taken


I will post pictures of the undersuit when I get home. Also the inside of the helmet line I said I would a little while ago. If I remember



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Here are the pictures!

This may be my last posting in this thread for a while as I am happy with the outcome and am mostly done. I may sew some gloves, feet, and a neck seal that are acurate to the game later, and I think the chest armor is actually a little small...

If anyone has any questions please ask because I know I rushed through the build and didnt post much because of the time constraints.

Thank you all! See you next time?


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I really want to o to dragoncon, but there is a very small chance I will be able to make it. in an effort to officially finish my costume because I am not satisfied with the sizing of the torso, I am going to remake it. maybe I can finish before the con if I can go, and if not, that is fine. I will probably see if I can take it to one of the Microsoft halo tournaments. I installed armorsmith designer and imported all the pieces. do you think this looks good? because of how much of the body is exposed on the front, I feel like it is wrong, but when I scale the chest any bigger it doesn't look good. as long as it covers the chest design on the undersuit I think it should be good.

This is what it looked like. Too small(also the thighs and knees sank down but I have an idea on how to fix them...)


I think the chest area/design of the undersuit would still be visable though... I stretched it out to make it longer from top to bottom, but then it just looks weird. it definatly fits better and would work this way, but i dont think i like it because it does look stretched.

This is how it SHOULD look
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It looks to me in armorsmith that it's a little bit too big. Careful not to overcompensate.
Hmmm... I am not sure how I want to approach this then... I know it doesnt form to my body, but any smaller and it doesnt align with the undersuit/proportion right visually. If i scare it correctly, the straps hand off a little. Maybe I can pull them in. I wish I wansnt so much of a string bean... D:

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Two things:

1: time to start lifting and consuming protien. Both in smaller amounts until you really get into it.

2: build it whatever size you want. If that's the size that looks best on your under suit, go with it. Im just making a statement from my one point of view.

By the way, high weight, low reps (never less than 6) gives you bigger results. More tone comes from small weight and higher reps.


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Hey look! Yet another necro!
I decided I am going to rebuild the chest and back armor. There is a 2v2 halo tournament coming up at the end of the month, so this gives me about three weeks to finish. Nothing like a little incentive to start working again and keep me at it :)

I still want this to look as good as possible, so if I cant fit in all the detail and have a good job on it, I wont rush it to be done and just have to not go suited up (I refuse to wear the previous chest as it is way too small and throws off theproportions).

Today I finished one of the thrusters in a couple of hours, and it is really darn clean, but for some reason, it is a little warped. I figured if I cut the middle of it I could pull it back, but i may have to rebuild it... I'll see how the other one comes out before I do that because of time constraints, and I am running very low on foam...