Halo Animation Movie

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The Zune only supports MP3, WMA, WMV, and JPG, so my only option for video is WMV, which neither of those sites has. Thanx anyway, but does someone know where to get a good WMV converter?
Frankly I thought the animation was good, but the action choreography was awful. It started out alright but then turned into some kinda hideous Wachowski Bros./'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Spartan" thing awfullly quick.
I don't want to see Master Chief bouncing all round the place like Neo, doing gun fu and moving like a chihuahua on speed. Please don't mix Halo with the Matrix, please.

And WTF with the horrible lesbian ending? Is this Thelma and Louise?

I guess I'm just saying that if you go to these lengths to make a well produced fan film... don't go off the deep end! Make it gritty and real, like the rest of the Halo universe.
Overall incredible- I loved the shotgun scene

I thought I was going to see the fusion suit there for a second when Samus got her armor blown off. Oh well, wished I hadn't seen the end. :roll:
The action was good...just bits were just...off...read the bottom comments of the link I posted...its not Master Chief, btw, its "Master Chick"
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