Foam Halo CE M90 Shotty


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It's been a long time since I've made a build thread on the forums.
As the name says, I have started a Halo CE M90 shotgun foam project. I will actually be making two of them. One for myself and one for my son.
We are both suited up as H3 ODST.
I worked on it when I've had some free time here and there. My template is cut out and I've traced the base portion of it onto Lumins Workshop Hard Lite foam.
The process will be made of lots of layers. The base is two layers of 10mm and a 20mm wooden dowel as the barrel and support structure. That will be sandwiched between 5mm foam on either side of it.
This what I've got so far.
I see much rotary tool work to round out the shape and more layers of foam for the derails.
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Always a thrill to see your stunning foam builds, cannot wait to see how it turns out.

Keep up the great work, Paigan.
Stunning? Hmmm... I don't know. If saw my foam up close you would see the horrible cuts. Lol.
It's been a while since I last cut foam. My cuts are not straight. Lol.
There's a lot of clean up I have to do.
You should have seen the last project I tried.

Made a cut so deep, I had to scrap it and start over.

Usually, tho, I just call it "battle damage";)
Oh I've been to the 'oopsie, I made a bad cut. Oh well I'll call it battle damage' zone before.
I hide all my crimes with fillers and paints. Lol.
Build update:
A lot was done today. Layers and barrel were glued together.
The grip was sanded down with rotary tool and grip detail was inserted.
Then I did the front end. It was done with two separate pieces of foam and then used foam putty to full in the transition.
Well, that's it for today.
Still trying to track down a 30mm foam dowel. My local Michael's didn't have any. There's another store that I can go to, will check there tomorrow.
If they don't have it, I'll have to order some online.
Here's dotays update:
I managed to get some foam dowels from Micheal's. I went to another location and found that they still had some 30mm in stock so I grabbed them all. Lol. They were on clearance... So... Why not?
Now the prop is really looking like a shotgun.
I beveled the edges on the top then used a rotary tool to sand and round out the shape.
Cut and added the details to the front... Ummmm grip? Don't know what that part is technically called. Also cut my foam 30mm dowel to the right length and then cut a piece of 5mm foam to skin it to make it 35mm. Then glued everything together.20240324_182220.jpg20240324_185242.jpg20240324_185248.jpg
Didn't really have time today. All I managed was to glue the inner layers.
I tried using popsicle sticks as structure. I had noticed with the first shotty the grip and stock had a lot of play to it.
Unfortunately... The sticks didn't do much to stiffen it up. Oh well. Not a big issue.
Hopefully I can get more done tomorrow. 20240403_180531.jpg
Honestly wish I had the skills to make foam weapon props like this. Would be way lighter than my 3d printed one lol! loving how this is turning out. following!
Honestly wish I had the skills to make foam weapon props like this. Would be way lighter than my 3d printed one lol! loving how this is turning out. following!
Hey man. You have some serious foam skills. Your armour always looks great.
I'm sure you can translate it to props.
It's all about the layers. Lol.

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