halo dioramas

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I hope this 1/6th stuff isn't getting old to you guys cause it's what I'll continue to do. I went to a custom action figure show over the weekend and this is what I displayed.






The MC has leds light up using watch batteries.
DUDE thats effing sweet..

I love my 1/6th scale action figures..though sometimes they do naughty things (see signature) :D
Yup there's covie and flood blood splattered all over these guys. They've seen a lot of action on the battlefield. The armor is made out of a two part epoxy called magic sculpt. The outfits were re-tailored gi joe stuff actually (hot toys and bbi) stuff. The headsculpts were sculpted out of oil base clay and then cast in resin except the female sculpt which was not done by me. The weapons were built out of styrene plastic, magic sculpt and some found model pieces. The flood infection was made out of magic sculpt and there legs are made out of fake plants.
Thanks! Sorry can't sell them. The lights are small leds and he has some on his shoulders and lower legs but those are harder to see.
dude you gotta make miniture spartans of our armour and have them stand in a cool posture next to each other, and have a big 405th sign behind them :D
*Jaw Drops*
Wow, absolutely fantastic!
So did you sculpt the armor peices from clay and then use magic sculpt?
Anyways, it looks very good, and great work on MC and Sgt.Johnson.

Keep it up man!

Looks amazing! Buttttttttt...if possible, you should change the angle of MC's pistol. Kinda hard to go for a sidearm when its propped upright. Other than that it looks outstanding!
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