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If anyone wants to share their talents Id like to ask them to make me a nice looking teaser poster for my Halo Fan Film.

The only real requirements are that it says HALO with text underneath stating either Fan Film or The Fan Film.

It cannot have copywrited pictures from the HALO verse, so if you have a costume and want to photograph something cool and design something that would be awesome, you will be included in the copy and credit list I have.

Let me know ASAP.

I want something cool, but a TEASE! If you dont even want to put the HALO name thats fine too.

Also to be consistant with our movie, we are using both the Westerfield Helmet and Seans Helmet. Seans will be the closeup helmet.

Let me know.
well first post a pic of the movies armor

and the pillar of autumn painted if your using

and ill start :)
Nah i dont want to give too much away, the armor is slightly diffrent than anyones on the forum.

And the POA is also a surprise.

It doesnt have to be flashy with alot of images.

Ill make a quicky for instance poster and post it soon.
Here is an example.


heres a small try

can change if wanted, didnt want to give away too much so it could change if u want it to
Here is mine: It is small right now, but I can make it higher res if I get a higher res image of Sean's helmet.


I'd be glad to contribute the high res of that image if you still want it...
I'm gonna print that sucker out as big as I can!

I'm honored!

I like these alot.

Yes you can use the earth.

I like the one with seans Helmet, make the helmet smaller and add the text info on the other posters.

THis is cool.
Ultima work with sean to get a high res of the helmet on its side similar to the HALO 3 teaser movie where after the children are on the ground the helmet is there.

Just get a pic of the helmet in the same angle, then make it kinda small not too small and justified at the bottom of the poster. then spotlight it and have the date near the upper third of the poster.

and of course add the text from the other posters at the bottom.

techron waaaaay cool i love it. keep playing around with it.
You mean at this angle?


I think I have some like that...


I'll send Ultima the high-res tonight when I get home from work.
It does look nice side by side like that. :mrgreen:

Uh don't forget Ultima, that you can adjust the color and saturation of the pic if it better reperesents the armor to be used in the film... My pic l;ooks kinda bright and colorful compared to the Trailer pic.
he i got an idea! can i make a tribute to the forum on youtube? like post pic of peoples armour and encourage people to join the forum?
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