Halo in the Arcade!

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    Hey guys!

    These are some photos of our recent appearance at the Timezone Arcade in Singapore! We were invited down to the opening of the new arcade where we welcomed the people to the new arcade, dressed up as Halo Reach Noble 1 Carter, Noble 2 Kat and ODST Venom! Hope you enjoy the photos!

    50218036_483055085556271_7599079172887019520_n.jpg 50244584_1108555529325136_7648102135761993728_n.jpg 50259544_1180802522085101_7929063739326726144_n.jpg 50275071_292174711482317_5101270555974172672_n.jpg 50276753_361687244386064_6617045440506363904_n.jpg 50299949_340196926707572_1646820727644487680_n.jpg 50404233_2064683220280693_2683860033170571264_n.jpg 50444264_2213791822222274_4569641793292861440_n.jpg 50448770_2262544200648270_574063078220496896_n.jpg 50570646_372137729999222_3696977161131917312_n.jpg 50611794_324001328218596_6968119735183474688_n.jpg 50622418_776692272689081_4068927384869404672_n.jpg

    Photo Credits to: Kael and Alexander!

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