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    405th Singapore Regiment

    Hey guys! These are the pictures for our recent Halo Photoshoot in Singapore, featuring our very own Spartans, ODSTs and Marine!

    Apologies, for some reason I am not able to insert the photos as a full image or a thumbnail, but do enjoy these awesome photos!
    Credits: Foxfoo Photography

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    @admin, could you advise on the correct way of posting images on the 405th?
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    FANGS can you answer BeeBoy question. I don't believe his @admin tag will get his response seen.
    Wilson if you don't mind make sure to tag specific individuals when requesting help from Division staff by tagging FANGS Cadet arma358 Ashuraa or myself. I would hate for you to feel like your stuff was being ignored otherwise because it won't be seen by your intended recipients.
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    There's a hidden cap on file size when uploading individual images for embedding in threads. From experimenting it's somewhere between 4MB and 5MB.
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    Uhhh......I guess because he tried to upload an entire album at once? I could be wrong but they probably need to be added individually. For clarification though, you can do a bunch of photos at the same time but by selecting multiple photos at the same time, but I think the issue is that what was uploaded was a single link (I had a look) and not multiples.
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  6. TheCostumeGeek

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    Those pics are amazing.

    Love the Armors and the light setting is very nice. Simple but effective.

    Your squad looks awesome
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    Hi Robert!

    Noted with thanks on the tag on specific individuals. ;)

    Cheers man! Thanks for looking out for us

    TheCollector Cmdr Ryu VenomTartaruga Carnivore Jameskcf freakoniicko Ronin Armory

    Just a note as mentioned by FANGS and TurboCharizard on picture updating. Cmdr Ryu see if you could upload each picture one at a time rather then multiple select at once.

    TheCostumeGeek thanks for the compliments man! The photographer did a good job with the angles and edits.

    More of his works can be seen on his page: Foxfoo Photography
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