Halo Infinite GEN III Master Chief MK VI/ VII

The Makyr

Finished modeling the torso! Will print this within the next few weeks when my printer isn’t being a pain in the ass .
3C13173A-5FC5-4BC6-85F5-80A0F79060EE.png 62958061-0A80-46F2-B332-3F5FA4CBA151.png

Modeled in some magnet slots! I think they could have been done better but had to rush this part. The weird shapes inside the chest are supports in case you are wondering.


I remodeled and updated the shins. My previous one was slightly redesigned to be blockier and wider but it turned out to be thinner than I expected. So I widened the rectangular base, remodeled the front portion of the shin to be more game accurate since it looked better imo, and the calf part was remodeled to be more angular as well.

I’ll be sharing an assembly of all the modeled pieces soon along with the helmet!

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