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so to start off I'm making a hybrid core which take parts of different cores but the hemet is going to be a tyro because that the most distinct and cool in my opinion and I can't do photos because I have trouble getting files to work
armor peas 1 fascinator I made it out of cardboard because its easyer to make flat surfaces with it for now I'm keeping it together with tape but when I get some magnets I'm going to glue them to the inside of the hemet prop for modularity paper meshy for a cleaner look then paint it
also this post is to keep updates and take suggestions from others this is incomplete btw I'll update all info here ok I have my supplies just need the foam cut outs
been working on the gauntlet, elbow pad look's like a normal elbow on a reach spartan and the body of the gauntlet is circular except for the fact that there is a lowered curve and a split on the top planning to add fins for the heck it.
the handplate is just a rectangle but the two corners on the longer side of the proportions and three fins all of them are round on top and the fin in the center is the same but its twice as thick and the vary front is cut to a stop nothing for the fingers
fine update the gauntlet I have to fins on the top and since its for my left forearm it has a ~ looking symbol on the left next up the torso I started on the front because I was having trouble scaling the back without help so to start on it I just put a random chest covering shape that looks good to me and I just started to layer on detail including a nerf compatible mag holder with I will be basing a good deal on with magnets in the blasters and armor the back is the same proses as before except for the mag holder now onto the helmet I just took a long strip of foam and connected the ends cut out the hole for the visor to go in and I just cut out beach ball segments to dome it out and then cut out shapes to make the rest of the details
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