Halo M6 Magnum (Resin Print)


Been awhile, but shelter in place has me building all sorts of things. I’ve been slowly making some minor adjustments to my Landfall ODST costume and wanted to make the weapons seen in the live action short.
So I printed a M6C/G on my Elegoo Mars in resin.
After sanding and priming I painted everything gloss black with Duplicolor Enamel and followed that up with Model Masters Aluminium and Gun Metal. The red accents were done with Tamiya Flat Red.

Once it was at the Factory Finish I had to dirty it up. With my airbrush I used Vallejo Metallic Black, watered down with airbrush flow improver, then a burnt umber in Createx Paints, thinned with their flow improved and some water based clear to top it all off!
Thanks for looking!
IG - off__earth