Halo MA5C assault rifle AIRSOFT CONVERSION pic heavy


I'm still alive, so that's a plus. Semester is winding down so I will finally start having time to work on the gun again. I tested the P90 mag feeding system, and tl;dr it didn't work. I have a feeling that the mechanism is too week to push bbs up rather than down. Next step is to gut the foregrip and try to insert an auto-winding hop unit like on airsoft lmg's and just adding a feed tray for the bbs to sit in.

restore 066.JPG

A long time ago a buddy and I began working on an airsoft Browning .50 cal M2 and we took a guy's m60 internals and threw them into that. Talking to him to see if he's willing to trade gearboxes as that will make feeding the gun a heck of a lot easier. As long as the gearbox fits, it sounds like it will be a much better fit than the p90 currently. Tried to modify the p90 hopup (pre jb weld purchase Redshirt.) And that failed (no surprise, was only meant to last through testing.


Now just gotta find a box mag for cheap!