Halo Mjolnir Theme song for GH3

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Sean Bradley

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Anyone else out there who plays Guitar Hero... today only you can download the Halo theme song for play on Guitar Hero 3... Get it while you can... its available today only!

The credits list Marty O'Donnel and Michael Salvatori... and played by guitar vituoso Steve Vai..

Link to HBO story:http://halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=21101

I cant seem to figure out how to get it for the wii, or if they even have it for the wii. I hope they do :(
No! Why not me??? I are so depressed right now... Well, not really because I just got a trilogy I've been asking for for 4 years now, but still... argh! I hope they make it something like it's only free today, and a certain number of GP here after.
Oh, now why didn't I get on yesterday and see this. Plus, I wasn't at home, BOOOOO. Any chance they might put it back up or allow people share it?
For those people like me who thought they missed out, I just downloaded it off Live.

It's still there, so get a move on and grab it before they yank it!
crap dude i would've gotten it if my 360 was working :(
don't have the game, but i'm deff. gettin it 4 christmas (y)
i just hope i get my 360 back in time (y) .......
My brother bought GH3 yesterday and downloaded the Halo theme. It was pretty neat playing it.
Strongly recommend it to any fan of Halo that has or know anyone with GH3.
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