halo odst drop pod wh 40k

hey guys, today i made an odst drop pod for wh 40k out of blue foam, i will post pics soon (the upload is only 10% done right now:))
a kasrkin stormtrooper can fit in it without a base and i put small weigts on the bottom so it falls right (but don't drop it with the figure inside though...) anyway i'll post a few pics of my lizardmen army (in the cupboard) and my small, halo styled army (upload is 50%done :) ) im' treating the kasrkin as spartans and i've divided them up into small fireteams, red, grey and... yup the infamous blue team containing the ones i felt looked like john, kelly and linda, fred leads green and is the one you see in the drop pod, he also has a medic cross on his shoulder AND HIS BASE HAS A HUGE FRIGGEN CHAINSAW ON IT. i'll be getting some of the elysian drop troops from forge world, the company not the map, along with some elysian vetrans, ammo boxes, valkrie troops and some elysian heads with resperators so they look awesome, i chose the elysians cuz they look awesome and look like the marines on reach. http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/ELYSIAN-WEAPON-PACK.html
upload finished : 4981365685_a18ffb6eb7.jpg
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and here is my emile knife

P8280101 by dan4dan4, on Flickr

P9120105 by dan4dan4, on Flickr

it is about 45 centemetres long, i might make a thread about it so watch out for it :)
sorry about the double post but this wouldn't fit in

Not a warhammer fan but. still very cool!
i kinda stopped for a while and about a week ago my sister asked if she could have my wh stuff, i said no way, (she is only 8) so she asked if i could make an awesome army for her to look at, so i repainted my lizardmen and because she also loves halo, started construction on a halo army :)

my photostream : (for more pics about everything.... like three more pages of pic)http://www.flickr.com/photos/52589569@N02/