Halo Pricing List For People Starting a Build


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Halo Armor Armor Layer list for most Spartan models.

Bottom Layer ( Bodysuit)
1. Halo Under Suit

Layer One ( Air Conditioning)
1. Liquid Body Vest

Layer Two ( Straps, Padding)
1. Button on Straps
2. Troy Lee Designs Armor

Layer Three ( Armor)
1. Helmet
2. Chest Plate
3. Shoulder Plates
4. Wrist Plates
5. Glove Plates
6. Crotch Plate
7. Thigh Plates
8. Shin Plates
9. Boot Plates
10. Pouch Attachments

Layer Four ( Weapons )
1. Pistol Clip
2. Pistol
3. Pistol Ammo Counter
4. Rifle Ammo Counter
5. Rifle Clips
6. Rifle Body

$139.99 |Cooling Vest
$425.99 | Halo Under Suit
$139.99 | Troy Lee Armor
$49.99. | Buttons and Fabric
$40.00 | Helmet Padding
$200.00 | 3D printing cost
$100.00 | Weapon Build Cost

( Weapons and printing cost are just estimates. )

Total Cost: $1095.00

( Optional Items )

$20.00 | Built in Headphones
$10.00 | Voice Amplifier
$10.00 | Helmet LED's
$500? | Carbon Fiber Body Armor

Total Cost: $540.00


Total Cost: $1095.00


I'm going to need a much bigger wallet.


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A lot of the pieces you've suggested here are entirely optional extras - you'll be hard-pressed to find a casual costumer that's got the finances and commitment to purchase body vests, multiple weapons, and outsourced under-armour designs. Plus, 3D printing is still a very niche method for producing armour pieces - most of the forum is still focused either on foam or Pepakura-based armour.

I applaud your commitment and dedication in putting this list together, but it doesn't serve much in the way of actual application. Home-created costumes generally generate expenses within the $500-$1000 range, depending on the methods. You're looking at probably double that for 3D prints, given that most 3D prints will need to be finished to a higher quality and then cast in a more rigid material to improve strength.


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now you can always try the foam method if money is an issue. i can say that i personally do not have the funds to do a full pep and fiberglass suite.


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Here! Take mine! *throws piggy bank at your face*

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Gonna do a second thread for links and stuff. I may or may not be able to post it tommorow. Thanks for the support!


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A lot of this is a very extreme high end build. Carbon fiber??? are you cosplaying or looking more. Seems a bit unrealistic. but more power to you if you want to go that route.