Starting my first set


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Hey everyone! I have officially purchased everything armor wise for my kit, I still need to figure history behind my character, and some of the smaller details such as, Gloves, Chest rig, along with the beginning plans such as working technology and color on the suit.

My main goal is to create a woodlands based kit using my old OCP's to add some sedimental value into the kit besides good memories from the Halo 3 ODST.
The current setback is what colors would look good with OCP's or if I should scrap the idea and just run a black under suit.
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So i had left over deployment ocps, and they are really breathable so i wanted to find a way to use them. As they were, the camo didn't fit with the colors or aesthetic of the odst i was working on, so what i did was dye them black, they still have a faint camo pattern but are mostly black or dark, they dyed pretty well and now i use them as undersuits for all my non spartan builds. I recommend it.

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