Halo Reach Armor Build


Gyroid is pretty strong, as it resists on many axis. Cubic is one of the stinger ones, and doesn’t use a ton of material. Though walls are your real strength points. I would sacrifice infil for more walls if you are working on keeping it light.


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I cut it down to 5%infill for my next piece and I use gyroid because it only adds about 2% time increase over any cubic or lines infil method, but I believe it spreads out the material more making the piece stronger. I don't know and I have no bais for that reasoning.

MrJamin i am using the files from TheApropalypse on youtube and thingiverse. It's a full size to scale spankr using pvc and metal tubing
Actually infil contributes very little to the strength of parts, its mostly outer layers that does

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Dreamster , well I just did a bunch of weight saving choices in fusion 360 to see how light this piece could be if it were completely hollow with no infil and had no supports.....
680 grams I only managed to take off 120 grams. Idk how but I guess I'll go on printing the parts like normal.... Well, that was sad


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That Helmet looks great! And yeah that plastic piece may be chunky, but you gotta start somewhere I guess. I'm sure when I get a printer I'll have all sorts of unnecessarily thicc pieces lol.

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How did you adjust the size of the helmet that it fits you? i have no eye for measuring in 3d software
i don't know hot the OP did it, but i use armorsmith. it let's you make a digital avatar of yourself. Just need to measure your body parts. then you can insert STL files or Pepakura OBJ files into it. attach those where they belong. after that you can resize them uniformly or non uniform for a better fit