Halo reach armor build

dmr is almost done!! Lookin like the bandit rn xD thing’s massive but it be lookin good!


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Just wondering, how’s progress been? Where’s your feet curious if you’re gonna have a lift in your costume so you’re as tall as kablamme
Goin well!, dmr should be done by the end of the week and then all I gotta do is adjust some stuff and add decals, And I ofc am alrdy taller then blammo but I should be round 6"3 with everything on.
Hard at work fixin and updating stuff, dont hav a photo but I fixed the floppy robot arm shoulder xD but waiting on the dmr print and lights then we done! Also got the shoe inserts so im way taller xD its amazing!
Where did you get this pouch? I think it looks to be the perfect size to be the thigh pouch! I need to get one of those so I could hold my phone lol
Lights r in! Last thing is to reprint the magnum and were done!

I will add the smoke effect probably this summer becuase it ended up being more expensive then I anticipated.


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Completely forgot to post the finished product!! But I did get it all finished by that deadline and it all worked out except the inserts so imma be getting platforms to help with the pain xD


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