Halo Reach armor issues


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You could try either not turning your head or putting little 'ramps' inside the lip of the chest piece to prevent it getting stuck. It will lift the helmet as it slides across it, but I think that beats destroying the helmet and would be relatively easy to remove if it doesn't work.


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Perhaps add some more padding on the inside to make the helmet sit higher on your head to stop it from getting caught?


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The collar on your chestpiece needs to be sunken in more. I'll add a picture here to show how it needs to be. This should help with being able to turn your head as the chin of your helmet will have more room.

The black part of the collar is the area that needs to be down on your suit. Hope this helps :)


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Seconding that. The collar needs to have a steeper slope from the peak at the shoulder to the peak at the chest.
I agree with everyone, you have to remove the Collar and reattach it lower inside the surrounding neck hole. If that doesn't help might i suggest removing some material around the shoulders, it might lower the chest down enough for you to gain some head movement. Make that a last resort though, I can imagine there are other ideas that will be suggested by more experienced members.