Halo: Reach Armor Reference Pictures (I CAN TAKE REQUEST ALWAYS)


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Honestly, I don't understand the point of this thread :/ are you asking for screens? or taking requests for you to make screens for other people?


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Could I request the Rookie Backpack from ODST, or does that fall outside of H3? I've always wanted to try and model a high def one.


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How do I Chang the title for this Thread. Please, respond, Anybody?
Go to the first post you made on this thread. Click "edit post". Then click "go advanced", there the title will be ready for editing :)
Google.com or deviantart.com; nuff said.

I agree. However this may be one of those cases where there might be something usuful haha. I just use my little 6in figures for my references haha. Glad though someone is kind enough to offer assisstance if none can be found via search engine.